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Solemates Antibacterial Spray - $10.00

Anti-Bacterial Spray (2 Oz) that eliminates germs in shoes but can be used on everything else! 

  • Dries quickly and removes gross odors
  • Spray after use to eliminate bacteria
  • Spray before use to create a pleasant scented shoe
  • Ideal for shoes worn in commercial spaces to remove the bacteria that has been tracked onto the shoe
  • Idea for active shoes (sweaty shoes); including sneakers, hiking boots, loafers and flats worn without socks
  • Baby powder scented
  • Spray directly into shoe before or after wearing
  • Great Gym bags, hockey bags, and anything where moisture and bacteria gather
  • Produced in a solar-powered facility in southern California
  • Bottled using recycled materials
  • Cruelty Free + Paraben-Free