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8 Gifts to Order For Yourself Today (Because after this year, we can treat ourselves!)

Posted on December 13 2020

8 Gifts to Order For Yourself Today (Because after this year, we can treat ourselves!)


Now that we have almost everyone checked off our Christmas Shopping List we thought it might be time to think about a few gifts to gift yourself. This has been quite the year and sometimes it's ok to gift yourself. It's time we treat ourselves even to just a small amount of joy. We've selected 8 products that bring us joy and support women-owned small businesses. We hope you will shop from them this holiday season. 


Harlem Candle Co.
A candle is one of those small luxurious that can instantly transform a room. We love supporting Harlem Candle Co., a Bipoc Female-owned business. Harlem Candle Co. was inspired from places and smells in Harlem. Thanks to the 80 hours of burn time, you know you can enjoy this candle. $45.00
The Busy Key FOB by BEE & KIN is not your average key FOB. The FOB is complete with a small light that is easy to use to when looking for something inside of your purse or when you just need to shine a quick light. Made with 100% Genuine Italian Leather this is a cute fun design to upgrade something you carry on you daily. $75.00

Mother Earth Pearls by Qi Alchemy are a perfect gift as we start to lean into the new year. The herbal pearls are designed to improve digestion, stimulate liver function and balance stress. Simply drop 4-5 pearls into hot water and drink as a tea. All of the ingredients are sourced from South Korea and are composed of an all-natural blend of herbs. Purchase 7 vials for $35.00
When it comes to stepping up your self care game, we are looking to Sundays Studio nail products. This Wellness Gift Box of 3 is perfect as it comes with a base coat, a color of your choice and a protective top coat. The best part about Sundays is that all of the polish is nontoxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. The color has been perfected to be a high quality salon color that lasts but it doesn't have any chemicals. $50 for the Wellness Gift Box of 3.

A women-owned Gin brand that is transforming the way we all view gin. Gift yourself a bottle of Pomp & Whimsy Gin and start creating all of the delicious cocktail recipes that they put in their website. We love the Jubilee Spritz and will definitely be enjoying this into the new year. 
750ml bottle for $40

Ally Shoes - Holiday Shoe Care Gift Box

When you love shoes as much as we do it's important to take care of them. The Ally shoes shoe care gift box is complete with Solemates products including; antibacterial spray, leather & suede protectation spray and leather shoe buff. A measurement kit is also included to check your exact size including width. $35.00
The Statement Headband in Black is a serious fashion statement. As the virtual meetings continue, why not instantly upgrade your image with a headband. We love the twisted braid on the Leyt headband. Made in NYC. $90.00

A hosiery and thigh high brand created by women for women. The Claudia matte in jet black is a classic thigh high stocking. It's one of those gifts that is perfect to gift yourself. The VienneMilano is a brand that is made in Italy at the highest quality. 


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