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All orders are shipped via UPS, with free shipping on all orders. Tracking information for all orders will be emailed to you with the shipping confirmation. Your Ally Lite and Little Black Heels will ship within one business day from the date you place your order, and will be delivered within 3-5 business days from the date it ships. Once you have a confirmed fit, 5 shades of Nude, Pop of Color, and Bridal heels ship within 14 days. Shipping can vary depending on where you’re located.

Do you Ship Internationally

At this point, we ship to US, Canada, and China. If you would like us to ship to your country, please place a request by emailing

Exchanges and Returns

Finding your perfect fit is very important to us and your feedback matters. We listen to all of our customer experiences and this feedback supports our data driven recommendations and enhancements.

  1. Please use the measurement card to determine your size.
  2. Give us feedback:
  3. Use the return label to return unworn shoes within 14 days.

All Returns and Exchanges are FREE. If you decided to participate in our ALLY Lite Trial program, however, please read specific rules here.

Shoe Care

There are some easy things you can do to keep ALLY heels looking pristine. As with all leather shoes, avoid getting them wet. If your heels do get wet, allow them to dry completely before treating with a suede brush or an eraser. With our suede heels, we strongly recommend that you avoid exposing them to water. If your Ally’s do come in contact with water, allow the soles and uppers to completely dry before wearing again as wearing when wet can lead to further damage.

Ally Dust Bag

Welcome to our best kept secret - Our triangle dust bag has separate compartments that allow you to protect your Ally shoes, along with a foldable structure for easy carrying. If you're an ALLY customer, and would like to request a free triangle dust bag along with your order, please write in your order instruction or email us at Here's how you use it:
  1. Place your shoes in the bag heel to heel
  2. Close the front flap and snap to close
  3. Turn the dust bag around
  4. Fold and snap to close

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