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How To Store Shoes featuring Kim Apodaca

Posted on November 10 2021

How To Store Shoes featuring Kim Apodaca


We've been thinking about re-organizing our closet and thought about all the different ways to store shoes and especially heels to keep them protected and to preserve the quality. We tapped into stylist Kim Apodaca to share some advice and expertise.



Shoe storage, especially if you're a shoe enthusiast like myself, can be a challenge. 

When I perform closet edit for my customers, I am often astounded to find their shoes concealed beneath all their clothes in the back of the closet or clumped up near the front entrance in a gigantic heap. For me, having a well-organized closet is critical for getting the best start to the day. When you open your wardrobe, I believe it should resemble a tiny boutique filled with everything that delights you, fits you, and elevates your attitude to its highest level.

When it comes to the shoe area, I prefer my shoes to be staring me down in all their glory, neatly organized by color so that I can complete my ensemble for the day. 

There are two ways I like to organize shoes. 

Firstly, I like to separate all the shoes by flats and heels, and then organize them by color.  They should be arranged such that one shoe faces front and the other is flipped around, allowing for extra shoe storage. Your shoes should be on display.



If you choose to keep them in boxes, take little polaroid images of each and place them to the front of the box so you can organize them as if they were all on show.


This should free you from the confines of your tennis shoes while also keeping everything in order.

Remember “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Keep your shoes on display so you don't forget to put on the correct shoe for the day and take on the world!


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