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Kanika Chadda Gupta: Female Founder, That's Total Mom Sense Podcast

Posted on April 26 2021

Kanika Chadda Gupta: Female Founder, That's Total Mom Sense Podcast


Ally Shoes: Hi Kanika, tell us about yourself.

Kanika: Kanika Chadda-Gupta is a consummate new media professional with 15 years of experience in television (CNN, ZEE TV), print, and the digital landscape. She's a creative thinker and born storyteller, parlaying her work in on-air interviews, web design, branding, marketing, video production, and podcasting. A digital enthusiast to the core, she has seen record success in increasing web traffic using trends, analytics, and fostering consumer engagement through social media and creating compelling podcast content to drive sales for trusted brands including Mommy’s Bliss, Living Loudly, and Shape and Foster. She has been featured on the Today Show, Good Day NY (Fox), Elle India, and

She launched Kronologie Agency to help small businesses strengthen their online footprint. Using a 'chronological' approach, she and her team create an aesthetically designed company logo + tagline, responsive website, compelling content, synced social media accounts with consistent engagement, email marketing campaigns and captivating brand videos to impact online and offline traffic. 

As a mom of three [twins +1], she hosts the top-rated podcast, "That's Total Mom Sense," where she covers motherhood, parenting, lifestyle, and wellness. Her mission is to encourage moms to trust their very own intuitive superpower, their "mom sense," when it comes to their kids. She interviews thought leaders, bestselling authors, and trailblazing entrepreneurs who are also parents and discusses milestones in their career and family life and covers topics like hat to expect when you’re done expecting, rediscovering your identity after kids, teaching children to meditate, rekindling your marriage, and mastering your 5-min makeup routine. Guests include Bobbi Brown (justBOBBI, Evolution_18), Natalie Morales (NBC), Rebecca Minkoff (Designer, Female Founder Collective), Raegan Moya Jones (Founder, aden + anais), Mara Schiavocampo (ABC News/Author), and Divya Gugnani (Founder, Wander Beauty).


Ally Shoes: As a mother and an entrepreneur what motivates you everyday to tackle both a job as a mom and running your own podcast and business.

Kanika: I start each day with a morning mantra much like this,”I choose to be happy. I choose to be kind. I am creative and successful in my work. I am a devoted wife and caring mom.” Sometimes just reminding yourself of the person you want to show up as helps to carry you through daily challenges and rise above things that aren’t in your control.


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Ally Shoes: What is your advice to any mothers out there who are struggling with trying to ‘manage it all.’


Kanika: Be kind to yourself. You are doing your best and negative self-talk is counter productive. Try to approach every challenge with an attitude of gratitude. 

For instance, getting the kids ready for school in the morning can be tedious for parents and is a lot like herding sheep. I try to find the joy in our morning routine by turning into a game with my twins. I say things like, “It’s a sunny day and we get to go to school to learn and play (key word choice: not “have to”). Are you ready?” We often do a relay race where we pass a baton to brush our teeth, make our beds, and get ready. You can add music and props - anything to make  a mundane daily task become fun. 

When I’m overwhelmed with my work, be it scrambling to air a weekly podcast episode or complete a project deadline, I write out a “to do” list of just 5-6 items in my planner and allocate productive, uninterrupted blocks of time in my Google calendar. Then I cross each task item off which feels so liberating. It’s important to celebrate the small wins so you stay positive and motivated. 

Ally Shoes: As we enter March and Women’s History Month can you share with us what the month means to you as a woman, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

Kanika: Women’s History Month is a critical reminder for us to look back on how far we’ve come as  a  nation and continue to forge ahead in society to ensure a future that is rooted in equality and justice. It’s so important for us to commemorate pioneers who have championed other women like Eleanaor Roosevelt, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Rosie the Riveter and in more recent day, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Melinda Gates, Oprah, Malala and Kamala Harris. Our work is never ending and it’s our responsibility and privilege as mothers to raise our boys and girls to believe that they’re equally capable of doing any job, role, or task at hand.

Ally Shoes: Who is your biggest ally?

Kanika: I am lucky to have many allies in my life. My husband is my rock and encourages me to think critically about everything. My mom, sister, and aunts are my confidants and biggest cheerleaders. I am grateful to have Sarah Harden as a mentor. She’s incredibly kind, smart, and has a laser sharp wit and is truly a visionary for thinking and feeling in a way no one else does.


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