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Real Moms Talk Style

Posted on May 03 2022

Real Moms Talk Style

In honor of Mother's Day we wanted to ask some moms in our community about how their style has changed and any tips for styling since becoming a mom. Becoming a mom can change so many aspects of your life but we wanted to find out how style can change when you become a mom. 


The first feature is with Gabrielle Vossler is speaking about how her style has changed and evolved since becoming a mom.

"I have really enjoyed adding more classic pieces to my wardrobe and shoe collection since becoming a mom. I use to just go for trendy items and looking back I wish I invested in classic pieces sooner!"


Tara Thorsen at The Fashion House Mom talked to us about how she fell into a styling rut when her kids were little and how she found her style again.

"One day I realized that just because my priorities changed, and my social life now consisted mostly of playgrounds, I am still “me” and my style should reflect that. Now, I wear what I like but keep comfort in mind. Whether it’s natural fabric clothes, or shoes with arch support, I wear what makes me happy and confident, so I can focus on the little things."


Suzie from Totally Glam Style tells us how her style has changed over the years since having her kids.

"My youngest son is 11 now and as a mom on the go I always want to look and feel my best by dressing up whenever I can! My style now involves comfort! I put on a nice blouse, stretchy jeans and fabulous pair of comfortable heels to feel refreshed and confident!"


Caroline Kelley at Cute With Kids shared with us 3 tricks for feeling put together after having kids.

      • Pare down your makeup to 1 item per category (i.e, 1 foundation, 1 concealer, 1 eyeliner, 1 mascara), put it all in a small makeup bag, and put that makeup bag on your vanity - or wherever you find yourself getting ready in the morning! Doing this not only ensures you won’t waste precious morning time looking for everything, it also establishes a VERY simple makeup routine for #momlife. Apply each product in the same order every morning. Soon you will be able to get it on in less than 5 minutes and feel so ready for the day, even if you are just staying home!* (If you have to run out the door, you can easily bring the makeup bag in the car since it's all there.
      • Lay out tomorrow’s outfit the night before, on the ground. (Yes, even underwear and socks.) This ensures you can literally climb out of bed and get dressed. Voila - ready for the day in 30 seconds! No more wasting time trying on clothing or giving up and wearing your pajamas all day because you ran out of time or options. The truth is that even if you aren’t going anywhere, you will feel much more accomplished putting on real clothing. Now you’re ready to take on the day with whatever gets thrown at you (like baby food!) 
      • Stock up on dry shampoo & hairspray. Don’t waste time washing your hair every day or even every other day! Dry shampoo is incredible - it helps absorb any oil in your hair and gives a great boost of volume. You can save SO much time in the morning by using a shower cap to cover your hair and then giving a quick spritz of dry shampoo and hairspray after your shower! 


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