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New Mama: ALLY's Marketing Manager, Courtney Gerring

Posted on May 06 2021

New Mama: ALLY's Marketing Manager, Courtney Gerring

With Mother's Day approaching we are taking a moment to highlight ALLY's Marketing Manager and new mama, Courtney Gerring. Courtney welcomed her first daughter Sofia Marie on April 8th and is sharing with us her experience as a new mom during the first month. 


ALLY: What’s the best part about being a mom?
Courtney: I know it won't last forever so right now the best part is all of the snuggles and love from a newborn. I've also loved watching her grow and learning all of her cues; this week she had her first smile. 
The second best thing about becoming a mom is the mom squad that you become a part of. I have turned to so many moms who have shared incredibly helpful advice and their experiences. While I've learned that not one experience or baby is the same, it just feels really good to know that you've got so many mamas in your corner.


ALLY: How do you find “me time”?
Courtney: This was something that I knew would be really important to my well being and although it may not look the same as it did before I wasn't going to cut it out. The first thing was understanding what does "me time" look like for me. For me that's finding 10 minutes to get in a workout and if that's all it was for the day accepting that's all it was and being easy on myself. Another "me time" moment is a face mask and a face roller. This is something that is built into my nighttime skincare routine. It's an essential part of my routine and it also allows me a minute to unwind and relax even if it's just for 5 minutes, I can connect with myself or my partner while also pampering and taking care of my skin. 


ALLY: What was the biggest surprise you encountered once you had a baby in the house?
Courtney: It's so important to understand that you cannot have expectations of what your baby will be like. All babies are different and I had all of these ideas of how I would feed my baby, what time we would go to bed, when we would take walks, etc. and I quickly realized that you have to adapt to the baby. I can talk to so many moms and read so many things and although it's helpful and supportive you will be surprised that just because that happened to one person doesn't mean it will to you. 
The biggest surprise for me was how easily my baby latched, I didn't know if nursing was the route that I would take and I had an open mind going into it and I still carry an open mind about it. Since she was such a natural at it that certainly helped lead the way for what was right for us and who knows maybe it will change but for now this is us. 'Knock on wood' she is surprisingly a really good night sleeper and no expectations right so that may change, I'm rolling with it day by day.


ALLY: Do you find yourself to be more or less productive around the house (when baby is sleeping, for instance) than before you had a child?
Courtney: Great question. Time is certainly looked at differently and I have to take the initiative to allocate time wisely. I will say that I'm more productive in a shorter period of time, it's like being on a tight deadline and you have to finish by the end of the day or a certain time, it really creates this sense of concentration and productivity that you wonder where it's been all this time. ;) 


ALLY: Have you made any major changes in your outlook or approach to life in general as the result of becoming a mom?
Courtney: It's only been a short month, so it's really hard to say but you certainly shift priorities after having a baby and your life becomes about the family. It's no longer just about me and you accept that other people are counting on you. Having a child is a joyful experience and I wake up every day with immense gratitude to know that I get to see how she now experiences the world. 


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