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AAPI Female Founders, Twinspirational

Posted on May 28 2021

AAPI Female Founders, Twinspirational


Celebrating AAPI Female Founders, Twinspirational. Twinspirational was founded by twin sisters, Archana and Kanchana, and are passionate about bringing together family and friends to create memorable experiences. We love the beautiful imagery and events that they have brought to life.



ALLY Shoes: How did the idea of your business come about? What made you want to choose the name " Twinspirational "

Twinspirational: Archana and Kanchana have always been passionate about bringing family and friends together to create memorable experiences. We started Twinspirational in January 2015 to create a space where we can share our hobbies. Archana enjoys cooking and baking while Kanchana enjoys capturing special moments behind the lens. The blog initially focused on fresh, budget friendly event design and slowly expanded to include our interest in travel, wine, cooking and fitness. Why the name “Twinspirational?” We wanted something catchy and easy to remember. We also wanted to incorporate the word twins. So instead of “Inspirational” we have “Twinspirational.”


ALLY Shoes: You are in business with your sister, how does that work?

Twinspirational: The blog is truly a joint project. We are both involved in the creative process behind each Twinspirational event and the blog post. Kanchana shoots and edits the images, while Archana cooks and bakes for various events. Archana also manages our brand partnerships and social channels.

ALLY Shoes: How do you all define success?

Twinspirational: For us, success can be defined in many ways as a lifestyle blogger: 1) lucrative partnership deals 2) beautiful photography that resonates with our followers 3) requests for invites to our intimate events 4) sincere gratitude from guests at our events.


ALLY Shoes: Where do you seek inspiration from?

Twinspirational: We are often inspired by trending pop culture phenomenon. In 2020, we did not think we would host a birthday party. As the summer progressed, we figured out how to safely host an outdoor party that incorporated the biggest thing to come out of COVID-19: Tiger King.  We incorporated animal prints in a chic way, and kept the tradition of fabulous parties going. This party was even featured on Kara’s Party ideas. We also search Pinterest, Google, Instagram and Tik Tok for the latest trends and then put our own spin on it. We like to write with a lot of puns to make sure our readers have a good laugh while reading our content too.

ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally?

Twinspirational: We are each other’s ally. No one knows us better than we know each other. We were born with a best friend and it’s great to be able to work on this blog together.


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