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Love Stories TV, Rachel Jo Silver - Wedding Talk

Posted on February 24 2020

Rachel Silver from Love Stories TV | Ally Shoes

We recently met with Rachel and collaborated with her and her team at Love Stories TV. Since launching our bridal collection at ALLY we are really happy to partner with companies making strides in the bridal space, like Love Stories TV. Follow along to find out more about Rachel and Love Stories TV. 

ALLY: Tell us about yourself.

Rachel Jo Silver: I’m Rachel the founder and CEO of Love Stories TV: a video platform for wedding ideas and inspiration connecting soonlyweds with the ideas, products, and services they need for their wedding. I’m originally from Detroit, MI. I met my husband in Kindergarten and we live in Brooklyn Heights with our son Bobby.

Tell us about Love Stories TV

Rachel Jo Silver:  On wedding filmmakers and newlywed couples from all over the world upload videos along with all of the details about their weddings. Brides and grooms visit to find videographers, venues, vendors, designers,  ideas and inspiration for their wedding. In addition to our website we inspire engaged couples on our social channels, podcast, live events, and more. 

ALLY: We love to focus on Female Founders and what inspired them to start their own business. So what inspired you to start Love Stories TV?

Rachel Jo Silver: In 2013 I got married and had very little to do with my own wedding – I didn’t visit the venue until the rehearsal! My mother and grandmother are pro event planners and they did everything (I’m so lucky). I declined having a wedding video because I thought they were “cheesy” and immediately after the wedding I regretted this decision. Not only did my family and friends surprise us with an amazing flash dance mob but I couldn't remember the speeches, vows, toasts, etc. It all goes by so quickly. This regret caused me to start paying attention to my friends wedding videos on Facebook and I was blown away by them. These looked more like feature film trailers than what I remembered wedding videos to be. It occurred to me that this video showcases the products and services purchased for the wedding in the best possible light and that these videos would be very powerful when researching a venue or dress or florist etc. etc. That’s how Love Stories TV got its start.

ALLY: Do you think that videos and social media content is changing the way that brides shop for their wedding?

Rachel Jo Silver: Yes! Whether you realize it or not Instagram definitely influences the decisions you make for your wedding. In many ways it’s positive, you’re exposed to ideas and inspiration outside your immediate network, which allows you to discover brands and designers you wouldn’t have found otherwise. However, it’s important to remember that not everything you see on Instagram is “real” there’s lots of filtering, editing, and styling. So, it’s important to work with experts who can help you execute on your desired vision. This is another reason we believe videos are the best way to research a venue, get ideas for your dress or hair, or see a florist’s work in action: video is more authentic, what you see is what you get. 

ALLY: How do you choose vendors to partner with?

Rachel Jo Silver: When videographers and newlyweds upload wedding videos on they tag all of the designers and vendors whose work and products were part of that wedding. We notify those businesses that they’ve been tagged so they can update their information on making it even easier for engaged couples to find and hire them or buy their products. 

ALLY: What do you love most about Love Stories TV?

Rachel Jo Silver: The real love stories from all over the world! I love to read about how a couple met and fell in love and then see their wedding video. I love to hear their vows, letters to one another, family’s speeches etc. Watching wedding videos reminds you of what weddings are truly about: love.


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