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BHM: Dr. Roxann Clarke

Posted on February 23 2024

BHM: Dr. Roxann Clarke


As we celebrate Black History Month this year, we couldn't be more delighted to reintroduce you to an integral member of the ALLY Shoes family: Dr. Roxann Clarke, who helped co-found ALLY Shoes along with Samantha Dong and Sara Jaramillo. Dr. Roxann's passion for her craft, dedication to improving women's lives, and her remarkable successes continue to inspire us all.

In 2020, we had the privilege of shedding light on her incredible contributions to the worlds of podiatry and footwear innovation. Now, in 2024, we revisit her story, offering fresh insights into her inspiring journey. If you missed her earlier feature, you can catch up here.

Dr. Roxann Clarke hails from Brooklyn, NY and pursued her education at Hampton University in Virginia, earning her Bachelor's in Biology and a Master's in Medical Science and Research. During her academic journey, she discovered her passion for podiatry, a field that seamlessly combined her interests in sports medicine, dermatology, and surgical solutions for foot deformities.

With this newfound path, Dr. Roxann embarked on her podiatric medicine journey, further honing her skills through rigorous training in Podiatric Medicine and Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery. Today, she operates a thriving private practice in Manhattan, catering to individuals dealing with foot deformities. Impressively, a significant portion of her patients are women, constituting 65% of her clientele.

Given her personal experience of rupturing her Achilles tendon during her first year of podiatry school, Dr. Roxann understands the pivotal role that shoes play in one's life. Her journey led her to ALLY Shoes, where she played a vital role in the creation of comfortable and stylish heels, addressing a problem that affects women worldwide.


Comfortable Heels | Ally Shoes

Source: ALLY Shoes: Sassy Saffron Classic Pump


ALLY Shoes: How has your background in podiatry influenced your approach to designing comfortable yet stylish heels with ALLY Shoes and the innovations introduced to address common foot problems caused by high heels?

Roxann: In podiatry school, we spent a lot of time studying the biomechanics of the foot and how different forces and environments can affect the foot. Knowing this information and being a woman who enjoys wearing heels, I knew and understood what could make wearing a beautiful high heeled shoe about comfort and not torture.

ALLY Shoes: Can you share some insights into the collaborative process between you, Samantha, and Sara when developing new shoe designs?

Roxann: Each of us brought our ideas and experiences with shoes to work on something we are passionate about. We shared our ideas and insights with a focus group of women we called the Ally Circle. At these meetings, we talked about life, work and our love for shoes. This collaboration helped us create something we are all truly proud of.

ALLY Shoes: Are there any specific achievements or milestones in your career that you're particularly proud of since our last feature?

Roxann: I recently joined a female podiatry practice, To Healthy Feet Podiatry. It is a refreshing work environment. I am supported by my colleagues in a way that I have not experienced before. I usually find myself in competitive environments, constantly trying to prove myself to or compared to my white male colleagues. Since we have all gone through similar experiences professionally, we focus on providing the best care to our patients as a team, instead of competing with each other.

ALLY Shoes: In what ways have you seen the representation of Black professionals in podiatry change over the years?

Roxann: 0.7% of Podiatrists in the population are Black or African American. I am a part of this demographic along with my colleagues Dr. Alison Bell and Dr. Nancy Artis at To Healthy Feet Podiatry. Even with this small percentage of representation, I am honored and privileged to work alongside well trained doctors. The representation of black people in the medical profession has not drastically changed over the years as far as numbers, but black professionals are being more recognized and championed.

ALLY Shoes: What advice would you give to young Black women aspiring to pursue careers in medicine and healthcare?

Roxann: With any goal, you are going to be met with challenges. Stay the course and lean on the support and guidance from others.


To find out more about Dr. Roxann Clarke and to visit her at her private practice in NYC click here. You can also visit her at To Healthy Feet Podiatry - a NYC-based podiatry office.



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