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Cap Toe Flats

For your daily stride. This chic, pointed-toe flat is celebrated for all-day comfort and superior fit. The handcrafted leather upper is padded with an ergonomically-designed insole, built-in metatarsal and arch support, and available in half sizes and 4 different widths.

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Sold out

$265 (2 pairs left: Size 38B, 40C)


$265 (3 pairs left: Size 36B, 36.5B, 41A)


Handcrafted, To Your Size

Take our online Fit Finder Quiz to get your size prediction. You can also check out our Size Chart, or request a Fit Kit by mail (US Only).

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Learn more about our inspiration behind the flats collection from ALLY's founding team on IG @allyshoes

BTS Story

Sam Dong | CEO

How we created the Forever Flats

Design Chat

Sara Jaramillo | Head Designer

Our design inspirations for the collection

Science Chat

Dr Roxann Clarke | Chief Scientist

The ergonomic features for the flats

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