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Black History Month Featuring Regine Rousseau

Posted on February 13 2023

Black History Month Featuring Regine Rousseau


In continuing our Black History Month series, we have Regine Rousseau on the blog. Find out more about her and how she became involved in the wine industry.

ALLY Shoes: Tell us about yourself.

Regine: My name is Regine T. Rousseau. I am an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and media personality. I fell in love with wine while studying abroad during college in Besançon, France. After graduating from college and spending a few years working in sales, I began a career as a salesperson for a wine distributor. While in this role, I noticed a disconnect between wine professionals and consumers. So, making wine approachable became a central premise of my work.

I founded Shall We Wine in 2013. We are a wine and spirits strategic marketing and event planning company. I work with national and boutique winemakers, distilleries, importers, distributors, and consortiums to increase brand awareness, reach, and revenue for clients through innovative and traditional approaches. These include in-person and on-line activations, events, sponsorships, videos, media and social media services, speaking and influencer marketing.

I am fortunate to be able to blend all of my passions. My book Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition, pairs original poems with wine. The book illustrates the dynamics of personal relationships while pairing each poem with wine that echoes the mood of my writing.

ALLY Shoes: How did you become an expert in the wine industry?

Regine: Wine is ever evolving. It’s impossible to know everything. You become knowledgeable by staying curious and humble. To become a wine expert, you have to be willing to learn and relearn. You have to be curious and stay thirsty. My expertise is in making wine accessible to consumers.

I received my level I and II certifications from the International Sommelier Guild and Level 3 with Merit from Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET). My most valuable lessons in wine have come from traveling to wine regions, drinking with winemakers, vineyard managers and with other sommeliers.

ALLY Shoes: It's Black History Month, what does that mean to you and what steps do you take to amplify Black voices?

Regine: Black history Month is a time for acknowledgement and celebration. Acknowledging the contributions of Black people past and present and celebrating our gifts.

I amplify Black voices through mentorship. I have coached other business owners, providing strategy and support to assist them in achieving their goals.

ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally?

Regine: I am fortunate to have many allies. My sister Pulitzer winner Dr. Marcia Chatelain is high on the list. She is one of the people that I can be completely myself with. We talk for hours. Our conversations shift quickly from a silly joke to a serious topic. Having a sister who lets you be yourself without judgement and cheers you on in everything.




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