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Celebrating Lunar New Year

Posted on February 12 2021

Celebrating Lunar New Year



Happy Lunar New Year! We are entering the year of the Ox. The Western zodiac system is dividend into twelve months, while the Chinese zodiac system is divided into twelve years. Every year in the Chinese calendar is represented by one of the twelve zodiac animals. Chinese New Year is a big celebration that is not just a Chinese celebration its celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

If there is one thing to remember about Lunar New Year, it is to wear red. Red is an auspicious color in Chinese culture and represents life and prosperity. 

We are sharing a few ways that our Founder and ambassador community are celebrating Lunar New Year.

Our Founder, Samantha Dong is sharing a few fun ways to celebrate this year. 

  • Make dumplings together over zoom: In many Chinese households, making dumplings together is a great group activity to celebrate Lunar New Year. Even though we can't gather in person because of COVID, we can replicate this experience remotely. Here is a simple recipe
  • Decorate your house with Chinese couplets, Fu Character Wall Stickers, etc. Some decoration examples here.     
  • Try a tea-based cocktail: This is not really part of the tradition, but for those who are looking for other fun celebration ideas, tea-based cocktails. This Female-founded gin brand Pomp & Whimsy featured some Jasmine Green Tea cocktail recipes that I quite like.  
  • Wear something red / new: It's customary to wear red and/or new clothes and accessories during the Lunar New year. For ladies looking for a beautiful and comfy pair of red flats or heels, may I suggest ALLY Shoes? :)


The ladies behind Twinspirational gave us a peek into the first time they celebrated Lunar New Year with a few friends. The main takeaway from the celebration for them was all of the traditional foods including dumplings and fish. Fish is a must as the Chinese believe it brings prosperity and good luck. Everyone celebrating was dressed in red and any decorations used were also in red. Make sure you wear your red because it wards off bad luck and misfortunate. If you need just a pop of red, shop Ally's red collection now on sale. 


    We are also excited to share with you how Chris Han is celebrating her first Lunar New Year with her daughter. " My family and I will put up New Year decorations, have a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, and give red envelopes and gifts to each other. I will also have matching mommy-and-me red outfits with my 5-month old daughter."



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