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Earth Month with Future's Founder, Jean-Louis Warnholz

Posted on March 28 2024

Earth Month with Future's Founder, Jean-Louis Warnholz


We are kicking off Earth Month and highlighting a new partner of ours, Future. Future makes every day Earth Day with cashback rewards for sustainable purchases! The FutureCard** is the first debit card that offers 5-6% cashback* on sustainable spending, and 1% cashback on everything else. That's 5-6% cashback on thrifting, public transit, bike stores, and more! It’s super easy to get a FutureCard: it’s a free debit card, so no credit checks are required. Just submit your info and once approved, download the Future app to access your digital card, add funds, and start using it right away.

We wanted to interview the Founder and CEO to find out more about what motivated him to start Future and the impact he is trying to make.


ALLY Shoes: What motivated you to focus on climate change and create Future?

Jean-Louis: I spent a lot of time in East and West Africa and saw firsthand how devastating the early impacts of climate change and extreme weather was on communities.

ALLY Shoes: How do you navigate the intersection of financial technology and sustainability to ensure both aspects are effectively integrated into Future’s offerings?

Jean-Louis: I firmly believe that to transition to a green economy, green choices have to be the most rewarding and exciting choice you can make. Financial technology can play a big role in offering great incentives for those sustainable options – like 6% cashback at our brand partners – and making the transition to a green lifestyle a lot more rewarding and accessible.

ALLY Shoes: What obstacles have you encountered during the development and growth of Future, and how have you overcome them?
Jean-Louis: One of the biggest challenges we continue to tackle everyday is this notion that green choices are more expensive or mean giving up things you love. That perception is ingrained in how we think about sustainability and Future is radically reframing it. Forget cold showers. Enjoy VIP tickets and awesome perks for shopping sustainably.


ALLY Shoes: Looking ahead five years, what do you envision for the Future brand, and what specific impacts do you hope it will have achieved by then?
Jean-Louis: Future wants to show up and reward consumers for everyday green choices wherever they shop, whether you take the train to work in the morning, thrift, charge your EV or score a great pair of sustainable shoes.
ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally?

Jean-Louis: One of the joys of growing Future’s movement is that we’ve found such a diverse and committed set of allies among our Members and countless partners. On a personal level, my kids have taken a keen interest in Future and their energy and passion for a low-carbon Future is infectious on good days and bad.


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