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Fall Fashion and Work Style Trends Featuring Shaye Strager

Posted on September 22 2021

Fall Fashion and Work Style Trends Featuring Shaye Strager


We are excited to be featuring Shaye Strager, a veteran in the fashion industry and currently a stylist catering primarily to professional women and men. Follow along to hear what some of Shaye's fall styling tips are plus what do we even consider wearing to the office now. She's got you covered. 

Shaye wearing ALLY's Bold Block Heel

For men and women alike, the pandemic has changed the way we get dressed for work. Like it or not, the return to a wear-to-work environment is upon us and I thought it would be a great time to update you on how the fashion industry has changed with the punches of COVID.

During the pandemic, in-house fashion designers had the time to focus on how to make day-to-day dressing more comfortable, effortless and accessible. The biggest factor that my styling clients share in regard to Fall fashion is ease of wear. If it doesn’t feel good to put on, then it isn’t going back in the closet. I don’t have one client willing to sacrifice comfort for looking fabulous.

When clients ask for slim or hidden pockets, clothes that never wrinkle, washable colors and reversible pieces that allow styling multiple ways, Tech Stretch has become the answer. Tech Stretch is an evolution in everyday womenswear that showcases high-tech fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and durable. Very simply, technology developed within various fabrications now eliminates dry cleaning, wrinkles and changing waist band sizes. Gone are the days of cheap polyester that doesn’t breathe or stretch. Even Pima cotton is getting tossed aside in favor of new nylon blends and polyester that actually breathes. What my clients have found is that a modern tech pant looks good (and feels great) and can be worn biking to work, in the office, on the plane, at a wedding and everywhere in between.

Tech Stretch by Maria Pinto

Some of the best, scientifically-developed fabrics provide moisture-wicking properties, breathability, ease of movement, and an overall higher level of comfort compared to all-cotton or mostly cotton alternatives. Made for year-round use, Tech Stretch tanks, blazers, pants and dresses are favored during the hotter months but also become go-to options for travel.

The bottom line is this, there is a higher standard being set on clothing. I’ve found if people are going to spend hard-earned money on something to wear, it better be worth the investment—whether the spend is $50 or $500. 

Layering with luxe textures is the best way to achieve a perfectly styled look. At the end of the day, none of my clients are willing to sacrifice comfort anymore, so the better it feels, the more they are going to wear it.

All of my clients are looking for a heel that makes them taller without the foot pain of a stiletto heel. I'm going to recommend a block heel to achieve this. 

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