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Inclusivity Series featuring Alice Kim, Founder of PerfectDD

Posted on August 23 2022

Inclusivity Series featuring Alice Kim, Founder of PerfectDD


We want to continue highlighting women who are creating a movement around inclusivity and Alice Kim is one of those women. Find out about how one of Alice's videos went viral on TikTok plus why she was inspired to create her fashion brand, PerfectDD.

ALLY Shoes: Tell us about yourself.

Alice: I’m a born and raised native New Yorker having started my career in investment banking and spent the last 15+ years in fashion.

ALLY Shoes: What inspired you to found the PerfectDD? 

Alice: I was inspired to start PerfectDD out of a need to solve my own problem of finding tops that fit both my DD+ chest and smaller frame. Having been in fashion for as long as I’ve been, I still couldn’t find clothes that fit (my body)! Shirts that fit my shoulders were always too tight by the chest and if I size up to fit my DD chest, it would be baggy everywhere else making me look frumpy and risk being perceived as unprofessional.

Learning that the average bra size in the U.S. is a 34DD and that millions of women struggle with the same issue, I was determined to create a solution! We, too, deserve clothes that marry comfort and fit without sacrificing style.


ALLY Shoes: What does inclusivity mean to you? 

Alice: Inclusivity is more than just a number and the size range carried. Shape matters. Two people can be a size 2/ XS but if their bra cup size differs ie B cup vs a DD cup, the same shirt will look differently on both bodies.

ALLY Shoes: How does your creative and design process work? 

Alice: I’m inspired by runway and colors of the season but our focus is to create classic, timeless pieces that won’t go out of style, ones you can dress up and down year round. Our collection is specifically designed to fit and flatter D+ cup, all the way up to an M cup, and is always bra friendly.


ALLY Shoes: It looks like you had a TikTok video go viral how did that effect your business?

Alice: It was unexpected and incredible! It helped find new audiences and build a community with a direct uplift in sales.

ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally?

Alice: I truly believe your network is your net worth. My network, both personal and professional have been incredible resources and allies to launch our bootstrapped business. This also includes men, who don’t personally experience the struggle I am addressing, but have advocated my journey with PerfectDD.  


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