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Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy- Female Founder Feature

Posted on January 25 2021

Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy- Female Founder Feature


We are so excited to introduce Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy. With the new year in full swing, we wanted to highlight a Female Founder that is on a mission to bringing more awareness to health and wellness. Find out more about Qi Alchemy and how they are helping bring Eastern medicine to the forefront. 



Ally Shoes: Hi Grace, tell us more about Qi Alchemy and what your brand is and does?


Grace: Qi Alchemy is a Korean ginseng and herbal supplement and tea line rooted in ancient Korean herbalism. Ginseng and herbal pearls have been taken for centuries in Korea for health and longevity so we are dedicated to bringing the most effective and highest quality herbal blends to the modern world.


Ally Shoes: What inspired you to start a Korean adaptogen business?

Grace: At the age of six, I suffered from chronic health issues and was misprescribed multiple times while my family navigated the frustrating labyrinth of the American healthcare system. Finally, we resorted to non-traditional means and called on my grandmother, a practitioner of Eastern medicine.

Through acupuncture and herbal remedies, my body was able to heal naturally. This event made me question why these sorts of herbal remedies were unavailable in America, where three in five people die from chronic inflammatory diseases like stroke, respiratory illness, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. As a Korean-American growing up with a family who are farmers and doctors, I understand the health issues Americans are facing and what preventative solutions Koreans take to maintain good health and longevity.



Ally Shoes: Who has been your biggest ally as an entrepreneur?

Grace: I don’t have one particular ally but a community of friends, family, and mentors who believe in my vision and my products.

Ally Shoes: Can you share with us the biggest benefits that you have experienced with Korean Herbal Tea?

Grace: Inflammation is caused by a variety of factors from the foods you eat to your environment and stress. Furthermore, chronic inflammation can have damaging consequences over the long term and has been an issue for everyone. The herbal pearls have helped me to feel less tense and bloated. I’m more focused yet feel relaxed and calm. I also noticed that my digestion has improved. Herbal pearls are an everyday staple in Korea to help reduce inflammation and promote focus and energy. The pearls can be taken in supplement or tea form so it’s fun to take in different ways.

Ally Shoes: What are some of your tips for staying stress-free in 2021?

Grace: Meditation, exercising, reading, eating clean foods, quality sleep and drinking herbal tea are solid ways to stay stress free!


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