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Female Founder Feature: Nori

Posted on July 17 2023

Female Founder Feature: Nori


A special thanks to Annabel Love, Co-founder of Nori for sharing the story of how the company started and one of their proudest moments, you definitely don't want to miss it.


Tell us about yourself:

Courtney and I met at Wake Forest University and instantly became best friends! We were roommates and classmates that both minored in entrepreneurship. It wasn't until we began our professional internships, however, that we would stumble upon our entrepreneurial idea and resulting venture.


What inspired you to start Nori?

After years of frustration with leaky steamers and clunky ironing boards, we began ironing our clothes with a hair straightener. The use of this DIY hack put a spotlight on the ironing and steaming market that failed to introduce any meaningful innovation since the introduction of the steamer in the 1980's. Our goal was to create an ironing and steaming solution that would require no ironing board and offer the same results of iron with the portability of a steamer.




What have been some of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome in being an entreprneur?

Creating a hardware product is an incredibly capital and time-intensive undertaking! As two female-founders in a male-dominated market, we worked tirelessly to identify the right engineers, investors and marketing partners to bring Nori, iron spelled backwards, to life. Prior to Nori's launch, we raised over $1M and completed four rounds of prototyping as well as over 100,000+ regulatory tests.


Can you share with us one of your proudest momements as a female founder and what made it so significant to you?

We will never forget the day Nori was featured on Oprah's Favorite Things! It was one of the happiest days of our lives.


Who is your ally?

We are each other's allies and are so grateful that we get to work together every day!

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