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Female Founder Feature with The One Closet

Posted on July 04 2023

Female Founder Feature with The One Closet


We are excited to be speaking with Delia Xue, Founder of The One Closet. A wardrobe customization company that will create the closet of your dreams! Find out more about her process and some organization tips for your shoe collection.

Ally Shoes: Tell us about yourself.

Delia: I’m from the vibrant city of Shanghai, China, which is known for its fashion-forward atmosphere. My passion for art and design led me to pursue studies at an art school. As someone who values beauty and aesthetics, I found my calling in the world of fashion design for a local apparel brand. Now I’ve taken my passion for design into crafting unique walk-in closets that showcase beautiful clothes & shoes.


Ally Shoes: Have you always had a passion for organization and interior design?

Delia: Absolutely, organization and interior design have always been my true passions. I firmly believe that a well-designed closet serves as a person's private haven. Bringing to life the ideal closet that resides in people's dreams is my current endeavor, and it fills me with joy and satisfaction. Each project allows me to immerse myself in the creative process, striving to deliver designs that exceed my customers' expectations and resonate with their unique tastes. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that every client falls in love with the design and finds their own sense of tranquility and inspiration within their personalized and meticulously crafted closet.


Ally Shoes: What makes your closets unique and different from other companies?

Delia: In 2015, I came to Los Angeles. A city different from Shanghai. Most people have their own houses rather than apartments. That means most of them have a walk-in closet. But I found that many are only simple installation hanging rods on the wall. We make semi-custom cabinets. The degree of freedom of assembly is greatly improved. And we provide free professionals for size measurement and design. You just tell us your general needs and you will get a graphic design drawing and a 3D panoramic effect animation. We work fast and soon enough you will have your dream closet.


AllyShoes: Shoes can be so hard to organize, what are your top 3 tips for organizing shoes?

Delia: Organizing shoes can indeed be quite a challenge, especially when you have an extensive collection from heels to boots to sneakers and more. Here are my top three tips to keep those shoes in order:


  1. Display Your Favorites: If you have enough space, consider showcasing all your shoes. It's not only a stylish way to organize but also allows you to appreciate your collection like art pieces. For those with limited space, select the shoes you wear most often and those that complement your outfits best to showcase. The rest can be neatly stored in a cabinet, and you can rotate them based on the season or your needs.
  2. Utilize Dust Bags and Shoe Trees: Dust bags and shoe trees are fantastic tools for keeping your shoes in pristine condition. When not wearing certain pairs for an extended period, place them in dust bags to protect them from dust and debris. For leather shoes, invest in shoe trees, as they help maintain the shape of the footwear and prevent creasing.
  3. Categorize and Label: Sorting your shoes into categories can significantly simplify the organization process. Consider grouping them by style (e.g., heels, sneakers, sandals) or by occasion (e.g., formal, casual). You can use clear shoe boxes or transparent containers to store and easily identify each category. Adding labels or tags to the containers can make finding the perfect pair a breeze.


With these tips in mind, you'll have a well-organized shoe collection that not only sparks joy but also stays in great condition, ready to complement your outfits whenever you need them! Happy organizing!



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