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HOURS New York, Harroop Gulati Kaur & Naaz Gulati - #FemaleFounders

Posted on June 18 2020

Harroop Gulati Kaur & Maaz Gulati from HOURS New York | Ally Shoes

Here at Ally we love meeting new and exciting designers. We recently had the pleasure to connect virtually with the Founders of HOURS. HOURS New York is producing consciously crafted clothing for sizes 14-28, exclusively. Follow along to hear more about the brand, the sustainability efforts and inclusivity.

ALLY: Please tell us more about what inspired you to launch HOURS and what makes the collection unique?

HOURS: We're sisters-in-law, women of color and believe all women should have the same access to beautiful clothing. Having backgrounds in Fashion, we saw first hand the lack of care and consideration given to the plus size woman. Through countless conversations and research, we knew plus size women were starving for modern, high quality, clothing that straight sized women have enjoyed for so long. 

After saying “No, I don’t know where you can get this in your size” too many times to our friends, colleagues, and family members, we were determined to fill this gap in the market.  

With HOURS, we wanted to cater to the underserved plus size market that most brands tend to think as an afterthought or create non-sophisticated silhouettes and designs for. Our clothing is clean and versatile and can be worn all hours of the day. Our styles are not boring or too loud and fill a key gap in plus size women’s wardrobes. 

Most importantly, our woman has always had to choose between quality and accessibility, not to mention sustainability. HOURS provides a high quality product at an accessible price with a sustainable model, which is a first for our woman. 

ALLY: As sisters-in-law and co-founders, we'd love to hear more about the balance and how you make it work?

HOURS: We have been sisters-in-law for 10 years and co-founders for 1 year. This past year has accelerated our bond and understanding of one another. What's our strengths, weaknesses and how we can combine the best of both of each of us to create HOURS. Because we are so different - Naaz being the creative one and Harroop the analytical one - we compliment each other so well and bring different perspectives and insights to how we build and grow HOURS.

ALLY: HOURS is considered sustainable, tell us more about your sustainability process.

HOURS: When creating HOURS, we knew being responsible and conscious of the waste that fashion creates had to be at our core. One of our main priorities as a brand is to be as sustainable as possible throughout our supply chain. Our materials are sourced and manufactured through WRAP certified suppliers and mills. We’ve been lucky to partner with suppliers that share our vision of sustainability and responsibility, and have been key in sourcing fabrics that are not only beautiful and feel luxurious, but are completely upcycled and ethically sourced. Additionally, we’ve always been bothered by how much waste is created through the shipping process. Therefore, we employ a zero plastic minimalistic shipping model that is 100% recycled and recyclable. 

ALLY: What are some of the steps you've taken during Covid-19 to continue to reach your customer base or acquire new customers?

HOURS: We really took this time to slow down and get to know our customer better. We asked our customers what they wanted to hear and see from us. We wanted to be a positive source for them and launched a silver linings campaign where we collected and shared with our community how each of us have been able to look at the positive in everything that has been happening and be a source of inspiration for others. Additionally, we donated $10 of all purchases in April to the NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund as a way to give back to our city that has been hit so hard and allow our customers to be a part of that process. 

ALLY: What do you hope HOURS is doing for women? 

HOURS: Our woman is our number one priority and we promise to always create clothing exclusively for them. At its core, we want our clothing to be a channel of self expression and positivity. Through the use of high-quality fabrics and thoughtful designs, we create beautiful relaxed silhouettes that allow our women to express themselves as they are - strong, accomplished and beautiful.



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