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Females Who Inspire with Miss New York, Amelia Collins

Posted on April 09 2024

Females Who Inspire with Miss New York, Amelia Collins

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Miss New York, Amelia Collins. Amelia is the face of our new Spring Collection and we couldn't be more excited to introduce her. Amelia is an NYU student and a professional Knicks dancer, find out more about her exciting life.


ALLY Shoes: Can you share a bit about your background and what led you to compete for the title of Miss New York. 
Amelia: My name is Amelia and I am currently a professional dancer in the NBA for the New York Knicks as a Knicks City Dancer! I also am pursing a Biology and Global Public Health degree on the pre-med track at NYU. I started competing in the Miss America program when I was 16 years old as a result of the wonderful scholarship opportunities and also, because it was an opportunity for me to share my passion of dance. Four years later, I moved to New York City and decided to compete for Miss New York for the scholarship money and for the unique opportunity to advocate for the causes that are close to my heart! Additionally, it has always been my dream to compete at Miss America! 

ALLY Shoes: We understand you're a professional dancer with training in various styles. What drew you to dance, and how has it influenced your life and career aspirations?
Amelia: I started dancing when I was 2 years old, so it has been a huge part of my life for a very long time! For as long as I can remember, it has always been my safe place and a beautiful outlet for me to express myself and connect with others. Dance has had a wonderful impact on my life and has helped shape me into the young woman that I am today! Not only did it help me develop foundational skills such as discipline and hard-work, but it was instrumental in growing my confidence as a young woman. Before I attend medical school I plan to fully pursue a dance career with the hopes of booking a world tour with an artist! 


ALLY Shoes: You are currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Global Public Health at NYU. What's your professional aspirations after graduation and in the next 10 years?

Amelia: After graduating NYU, I plan to take several gap years to pursue a professional dance career. Once my dream of dancing on a world tour is fulfilled, I plan to attend medical school and become an OB/Gyn! Women’s health has always been extremely important to me. As Miss New York, increasing access to menstrual products and proper gynecological care has been my number one goal. This advocacy is a lifelong path! 

ALLY Shoes: As Miss New York, what are your goals and aspirations for your reign, both personally and in terms of community impact?
Amelia: . As Miss New York, my year is entirely about service and giving back to the wonderful state of New York. I have personally chosen to advocate for access to period products and proper gynecological care. As someone with endometriosis and a passion for women’s health, this issue is of utmost importance to me. Nationally 1 in 4 students miss school each month due to an inaccessibility to period products. In an effort to make these products more accessible, I work with several non-profit organizations to distribute period products to those in need while also working with policy-makers to create legislation to ensure that period products are made freely available in public restrooms! Outside of my service initiative, I have strived to be a role model and encourage individuals everyday that your experiences and circumstances do not define you or the path that you choose to take. Growing up, I was severely bullied and transferred schools four times. I was told many times that I would never make it as a dancer and that my dreams were “too far-fetched.” However, with determination and believing in myself, I made it to where I am today. 


ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally?
Amelia: The dance community is 100% my ally. Without dance, I would not be where I am today. Despite feeling like an outsider growing up, I always felt accepted in the dance studio and I am forever grateful for that. 


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