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How To Walk In Heels

Posted on August 03 2020

How to Walk in Heels with Ann Pennington | Ally Shoes

At ALLY we are all about comfort heels, feeling comfortable and walking with confidence. We're breaking down 'How To Walk in Heels' with a few quick and easy tips.

1. Walk Heel to Toe

Yes, put down that heel first. Get a firm grip. This allows for balance but also a more graceful walk.

2. Take small steps

 To ensure a more balanced walk.

3. Take your Time

If you are new to wearing heels it's important to walk slowly to get used to it. Easy, breezy confident walk.

4. Walk in a Straight Line

It's best to walk in a straight line or at least visualize that straight line. Look ahead for the line and not directly down at your feet. If you look down at your feet there is a higher chance you may trip and fall.

5. Arch Support

Arch support is critical in heels to ensure a well-balanced stride. At ALLY we have a built-in support system to help you balance and walk with ease and confidence.

6. Find the Right Fit

 Well this is easy, this is where ALLY Shoes comes in. It's important to have the right fit especially when it comes to heels. We have a Fit Finder Quiz where you can find out exactly the size and width you should be wearing. Take the quiz today, try on a pair at-home for free and happy walking.

We also enlisted Ann Pennington of Style_Eyez_  to give us a fun video on 'Walking in Heels' and she even included her cute dog. She always says, " I always say when walking in high heels, heel to toe and don't forget to look down occasionally to enjoy how gorgeous your new shoes are." 


  • ALLY Shoes: August 04, 2020

    Hi Kelley! We actually have lots of customers with flat feet and love our built-in arch support. We will also recommend going with our regular wide fit.

  • Kelley Sheffey: August 04, 2020

    I have really super flat feet. Would your company be able to build/add more arch support and make you vamp to extend lower on my foot?

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