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International Women's Day Featuring Lynne Pagano

Posted on March 05 2023

International Women's Day Featuring Lynne Pagano


We are celebrating International Women's Day with the Co-Founder of The Co-Co where we recently hosted a morning coffee meet and greet! After spending some time in the space and having the opportunity to meet the ladies behind the business we wanted to spotlight them and the impact they are having on women.

Tell us about yourself.

I am the Co-Founder and Community Manager of The Co-Co, a new model for how women “work” today, providing IRL and digital spaces designed for productivity, connection, and growth. The patpeople'srepreneurship for me has been long and circuitous, propelled by an infectious enthusiasm for listening to and hearing people's stories. Since graduating from college with a B.A. in English and a minor in Business, I redirected careers every ten years, first as a banker, then a lawyer, a stay-at-home mom, a social worker, and now women's business owner. The common denominator between careers has been the search for community and connection, especially in my women's networks. I am a lifelong learner obsessed with Podcasts, which I listen to at double speed while walking/running, infusing my body with exercise and my brain with cofounders experience all at once.


What inspired you to start the Co-Co? 

Over a glass of wine at our local bar, two of my cofounders and I, who have been friends for 20+ years, were discussing the idea of creating a space where women in all stages of life could come in to get support and information. We all wished we had such a place at different inflection points in our lives-- right out of college, after the birth of our kids, our first promotion, our first layoff, when we wanted to make a career change, to hear how other women had navigated these challenges and gained insight and camaraderie. We saw an unmet need and wanted to do something to help the generations of women behind us.


How has the Co-Co evolved since its inception? Any exciting projects or initiatives in the works?

Before the pandemic, we focused on providing a physical workplace for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Once the pandemic hit, we saw firsthand the struggles all women faced and the essential need for community. We leaned into supporting women wherever they are on their life and career journey. We saw first hand that women love to help other women. Our community continues to grow and flourish.We just celebrated our 4th anniversary and it was a room full of joy.


How has Co-Co impacted the lives of the women who use the space & community? What has been the most rewarding aspect for you?

We continue to create a community that provides value, impact and opportunity to one another. Recently, I walked into a women's local design store, and behind the counter was a former member of The Co-Co. She told me that joining the Co-Co gave her her life back after being laid off during the pandemic. Meeting and listening to other women gave her the boost she needed to find a job she actually wanted and loved. Letting women uncover how truly amazing they are by surrounding each other with support, is the most rewarding part of the job for me.


In honor of Women's History Month, how do you think we can continue to celebrate and support women in leadership? 

We need to utter each other's names in rooms of opportunity. We need to advance women in the workplace and workforce at large through networks and community. Being good examples for the next generation is a guiding star for me and I hope for others.


Who is your ally? 

My 23 year old daughter, Mary, who just started her own professional career is my ally. She has supported me and watched me help grow The Co-Co during her formative college years being at various turns both a cheerleader and a critic. We need both in our allies in order to continue to grow.

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