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Real Weddings: Featuring Kristine Robinson

Posted on January 10 2023

Real Weddings: Featuring Kristine Robinson

We are so excited that one of our NYC ambassadors, Kristine Robinson choose to wear ALLY Shoes on her wedding day. Kristine went with our classic lady lace pump. The lady lace pump was perfect for her elegant and classic wedding, Kristine shares with us the details below.


ALLY Shoes: Tell us about yourself

Kristine: I live and work in New York with my now husband Scott. We moved here seven years ago and are starting to feel like this city is a second home. Throughout our time here I have been working on building my career in finance, specifically Private Capital Advisory, as well as working to make the financial services industry a more inclusive environment.


ALLY Shoes: What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Kristine: Designing the décor! It was great to have such wonderful vendors who could bring the Pinterest boards and PowerPoints we built of our vision to life. It was really great to put those boards together over three years – much longer than we planned due to COVID but it was a great creative outlet to find unique ways to decorate our event and showcase our personalities.


Source: Lady Lace Classic Pump | ALLY Shoes Bridal Collection


ALLY Shoes: How did you meet your husband?

Kristine: We met at a hockey rink! As Canadians we love telling this story as it’s almost unbelievably cliché. Scott was playing on the team of a friend’s fiancé and we met after the game. The rest was history.


ALLY Shoes: If you could give one piece of advice for a bride-to-be what would that be?

Kristine: Wear comfortable shoes. And honestly, comfortable EVERYTHING. It’s such a long day (and for some events, multiple days) and you will be emotionally and physically exhausted. Staying comfortable is key to making the whole experience way more enjoyable.



ALLY Shoes: Are you team band or team DJ?

Kristine: Team band! But we went with a DJ. Because of COVID, we couldn’t get home to test out bands, and were worried that there may be issues of using live bands with the restrictions that were in place. So to be safe, we went with a DJ. It ended up being a great decision and we had an incredible party – it went on even after we left!


ALLY Shoes: Who is your biggest Ally?

Kristine: My husband and my family. I have been blessed with wonderful people as parents and a Husband who supports me in everything that I do (while also occasionally playing devil’s advocate!).


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