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Real Weddings: Katherine Nolden

Posted on December 06 2022

Real Weddings: Katherine Nolden

We were so excited when we had the opportunity to custom create this bride's wedding shoes that we ended up producing the color as part of our holiday collection! The emerald green heel was inspired by Katherine and her wedding gives us the perfect fall/winter vibe. Find out more about her and her incredibly gorgeous wedding.


ALLY Shoes: Tell us more about the style of your wedding.
Katherine: Our wedding was traditional and classic, black tie optional, and for our florals I wanted a wild english garden feel. We wanted to have our wedding choices be our favorites and not just what necessarily "worked" with any theme, and honestly we wanted a big party. So we had pie instead of cake; we didn't have a head table; and we didn't do any speeches or parent dances. (We did speeches at the rehearsal dinner.) The bridesmaids wore the same emerald green but could choose whatever style of dress they wanted, they could wear their hair however they wanted, and wear whatever shoes they felt most comfortable in. My husband changed into purple sneakers when the dancing started. For our seating chart we had envelopes with everyone's name on them (my hand still hurts) and in each envelope we had a card with our logo on it, their table number, and a short personalized note thanking them for being here and anything else we wanted to tell them. We also didn't do any favors at the end of the night; we donated to charity: the Central Texas Children's Advocacy Center and to the National Veterans Foundation. 



ALLY Shoes: We love the emerald green heel you selected. What inspired you to choose such a rich green color? 

Katherine: Green is my favorite color and one of our wedding colors. I wanted to be able to wear the shoes I got married in after my wedding. I didn't want to buy a pair of shoes and then have them sit collecting dust in my closet. I love that I will be able to wear these heels to work, for date nights, over and over again - it makes them even more special. My 'something borrowed' was my mom's emerald ring so it matched perfectly with my special 'something new' Ally heels!



ALLY Shoes: How did you meet your husband? 
Katherine: We met on Bumble in the middle of the covid lockdown! He jokingly asked me what my favorite dinosaur was and our completely random conversation turned into an in-person date. (My favorite dinosaur is a Bracheosauraus; in first grade I thought it was so cool they had their nostrils on top of their heads!) One of our dates was a picnic at a local golf course (where he ultimately proposed) because everything was shut down!

ALLY Shoes: What is your one piece of advice for a future bride-to-be? 
Katherine: Make sure you and your husband get at least 20 minutes to yourself on your wedding day. After photos when people were still at cocktail hour, my husband and I took 20ish minutes and had our dinner, alone, together. It was wonderful to be able to sit and talk and just be together. It slowed down everything for us because up until that minute it had all been go-go-go and then we could breathe. Highly recommend a private dinner. 


ALLY Shoes: Who is your ally? 
Katherine: I think I have so many; every single person who stood up with me on our wedding day is an ally. I gained new allies at our wedding too. Right now; my husband - he is incredibly supportive of me, he encourages me, he never lets me doubt my abilities, and he is my biggest hype man. 


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