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How to Style for your 30's

Posted on April 13 2023

How to Style for your 30's


We are exploring how to best style for each decade of your life. Join along for this style series. How to style for your 30's featuring Emily Ng.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a scientist by training and a self-proclaimed handbag fanatic, traveler, fashion lover, and weekend bakery cafe explorer. I love discovering and trying new things whether it be in science, new styles or a new country. When I visit a new place, I love learning about the culture and people through food and design.


Style tips for women in their 30's

Chic professional: every woman in their 30’s should have a go to style for that presentation or meeting to show you mean business. Depending on your job, sometimes that can be a full-on suit and sometimes in a more relaxed style. My recommendation is to have a pair of slacks, a basic top, leather tote, and a structured blazer in your wardrobe. Of course, we have to remember a nice pair of heels. Shown in the photo are my Black tweed cap toe classic leather pump from Ally Shoes. They lift me up and go with everything while being comfortable.

Dress Party: Wedding? Shower? Milestone birthday? Check, check, and check! A nice handbag and a special pair of sparkly heels can take even the simplest dress and turn it into an event-ready outfit. I love the Champagne Gold Lower Block Heels from Ally Shoes. They add that bit of oomph but the block heel keeps you balanced while the lower height allows me to dance the ENTIRE NIGHT. No kidding - I did that at the last wedding that I attended.

Casual cool: I like dressing up but there is something very solid about a pair of simple blue jeans, t-shirt, crossbody handbag, and cardigan. You will find me often in a variation of this while I am traveling or on the weekends. This set allows me to move freely and still look cool. I pair this with my trusty Ally Shoes Forever Flats in gray suede - it is more unique than a pair of black flats!


If you could offer one piece of advice for women in their 30's what would it be?

Being in my early 30’s was scary at first because I felt old and thought I needed to know exactly what I will do with my life. Being in your 30’s is not too old. In fact, I think it is the perfect time for knowing what you don’t like and what you might like! Use what you’ve learned in your 20’s and take this time to try new things and discover or confirm what YOU love!


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