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Style Tips To Conquer The New Year featuring stylist Lora LaPratt

Posted on January 16 2024

Style Tips To Conquer The New Year featuring stylist Lora LaPratt


To start off the new year with your best foot forward, we wanted to tap into one of our stylists for some tangible tips to upgrade your style. Meet Lora LaPratt, founder of Shopping Girl XOXO and personal stylist. Lora is a Chicago based stylist but serves clients nation-wide. Get Lora's 5 style tips.

Step 1: Start with a capsule collection of elevated chic basics.

I don’t believe that having a small capsule collection is realistic for most people. I do, however, believe that having a capsule collection BASE is key for everyone who wants to simplify their style routine. It’s still all about the “Quiet Luxury” vibes this year, so finding your go-to favorites (think T shirts, jeans, cashmere sweaters, button downs, and trousers) in a few neutral colors each can make mix-and-matching tons of looks on the spot a breeze.


Step 2: Always add a layer.

A layer will instantly elevate your entire look and pull the whole outfit together. There are so many different ways to layer but the easiest way is to have a killer collection of jackets that can change up your entire vibe depending on your mood. A few of my top recommendations: A denim and leather jacket, multiple oversized blazers, a trench, a long wool car coat and chunky knits that can be worn over your shoulders or over your head with a messy tuck.

Step 3: Keep colors and prints minimal but intentional

Going overboard with color and print can easily date your look in 2024. You don’t have to be afraid of colors and prints but you should be intentional with how you choose to incorporate them into your outfits. The easiest way to stay safe is to mix them in through accessories or subtle pops as opposed to the “more is more” mentality of a decade ago. A bold modern print or bright pop of color will have a much more modern flare if you keep it minimal and unexpected rather than in your face.

Step 4: Accessories can make or break your entire look.

Accessories are such an integral part of your style and often get overlooked. Your shoe choice can instantly change the entire vibe of your outfit. The way a belt accentuates your waist will complete a look together with ease. How you edit your jewelry can elevate your outfit in a snap and your purse choice can instantly impact your entire energy you’re giving off. Takeaway; Don’t forget the accessories and how much of an impact they have on your style.


Lora's Ally Pick: Terracotta leather bold block ankle boot

"They are so classic and instantly elevate any look. The pointy toe and gorgeous heel work with everything,"


Step 5: Add flare with unexpected feminine details.

If you’re looking to up your style game this year and want a few fun trendy options to try without breaking the bank, consider adding in feminine bow details. They can be small and subtle or over the top and bold. Bow details are everything in 2024: Shoulder bows, bow graphics, bows on your shoes, a thin ribbon tied around your neck in a bow, or bows in your hair are just a few fun ways to think about adding this trend into your wardrobe. A simple yet impactful trend option to try!


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