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Summer Style Tips for Women Over 50

Posted on June 20 2023

Summer Style Tips for Women Over 50


As the weather starts to heat up, we wanted to bring you some styling tips to stay cool and chic all summer long. Special thanks to Kay Harms, Blogger and YouTuber from Dressed for My Day for providing some styling tips.


One of the most common questions I receive this time of year is simply, “How can I still look chic and pulled together when it’s so hot outside?” I get it. I’ve lived on the humid Texas coast as well as in the desert of Arizona, so I know hot! And even where I live in Ohio now, we experience hot, sticky days.


I understand that many women over 50 no longer want to show as much skin. Some women prefer not to wear sleeveless tops or wear shorts or skirts that show too much leg. IYKYK.  But we ladies of a certain age absolutely can still look classy and chic in the humidity and heat.


Here are a few of my top tips for looking classy and pulled together this summer, whether you’re baring your legs and arms…or not.


1. Keep it simple. Put together simple outfits with minimal pieces but big impact. If possible, choose a dress that doesn’t have a waistband, affording you a little more breathability and airflow under your clothing.


2. Wear natural, breathable fabrics. I love to wear linen, linen, and more linen in the summer. Yes, it wrinkles, but who cares? Those wrinkles are part of the charm of this relaxed, luxurious summer fabric. And the more you wear your linen, the less it will wrinkle. But cotton, Tencel, bamboo and silk are other natural fibers that will help you stay cooler.


3. Keep accessories minimal. On the hottest, most humid days, I generally wear just statement earrings and no other jewelry. And on other days I keep my jewelry pared back to just a simple necklace, maybe one bracelet and earrings. Don’t bother with belts or scarves, but consider carrying a linen wrap for air-conditioned, chilly indoor spaces.


4. Wear white. Start with some crisp white trousers or skirt. Or choose an airy white linen or cotton top to complete an outfit. White just looks cool and summery. And sometimes just looking cooler than you really feel is the goal.


5. But don’t be afraid to wear black. While black can absorb the sun’s rays when you’re outside, you won’t feel any hotter in black in the office or a restaurant. And it looks so chic! If you don’t want to wear head to toe black, add a black accent, like classic black pumps or pointy toe flats, to your outfit. Black always elevates an outfit.


6. Reconsider showing a little skin. Look, I get it. My arms and legs aren’t what they used to be. But I’m grateful for my body and how it’s served me. So I’d rather push my self-consciousness aside and enjoy the sun on my arms and the cool breeze on my legs. (Of course I’ve learned to wear sunscreen!) I’ve discovered that no one else is really looking at me critically, and I’m my harshest critic. To stay classy, bare your skin strategically – either show a little shoulder or cleavage or wear a short skirt or shorts.


Enjoy your summer and relax a little. Remember, the most stylish accessories we can wear are a genuine smile and a little self-confidence.

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Kay Harms is 59, happily married and awaiting the birth of her first grandchild. She blogs at, where she encourages women over 50 to get dressed for their days in a way that is true to their personal style, fits their current lifestyle and reflects a few modern choices. Kay also has a YouTube channel at Dressed for My Day with Kay Harms.


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