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The Problem with ill-fitting Shoes

Posted on November 11 2020

The Problem with ill-fitting Shoes


Ally shoes was built on the belief that heels shouldn't have to be uncomfortable and so with the help of an NYC based female podiatrist, Dr. Roxann Clarke we've created the most comfortable heel. The problem with any ill-fitting shoe is not just the pain, even though no one wants to be walking around with shoes that leave the foot in pain. The problems run much deeper into the foot if you are wearing the wrong size. At Ally shoes we've created a Fit Finder, the fit finder helps identify what your size is based not just on the length but on the width too. Let's dig in a little bit deeper on the issues that an ill-fitting shoe can cause.


Wearing ill-fitting shoes has it’s consequences. Thanks to Dr. Clarke who is our Chief Science officer, she has highlighted what can happen overtime if you wear ill-fitting shoes. One main issue that can occur are painful lumps and discoloration at the top of the toes. This is commonly known as corns. These lesions can be quite painful in wearing heels and in other types of shoes. They can also be located on different areas of the toes. 



If you suffer from this problem, you most likely have hammertoes. There are many causes of hammertoes, a very common cause is wearing ill-fitting shoes at an early age and throughout adulthood. 


Ill-fitting high-heeled shoes and small toe box can cause toes to contract or bend against top of shoe which then causes irritation of the toe joints that then form corns. Gravity brings the foot down and forward into the shoe and causes the toes to contract further making problem worse. Can you imagine walking for 8 hours with your feet in this state? You should not have to.


You may be asking “how can I prevent this from happening and still wear my fashionable heels?”.  Well, there are a few things you must keep in mind when selecting a high-heeled shoe to purchase if hammertoes are your problem.


Make sure the toe box of the shoe is roomy enough for you to move your toes within it. This is simply tested when trying on shoes and attempting to wiggle your toes with shoes on. Here at Ally shoes we  launched our extra wide width a few months ago, a larger toe box yet the shoe still looks and fits stylish. We now offer 4 different widths to ensure that everyone has a toe box that fits their foot. If you would like more information on choosing the right type of heel, we've created a guide, 'Choosing the right type of Heels.'


Wear your true shoe size. There is a population of high-heeled shoe consumers that will wear half a size smaller than their actual shoe size for lack of knowledge (never having feet measured) or for the look (smaller feet look more appealing). Do not sacrifice your foot health for aesthetics! It is not worth it in the long run.


If you find that your foot tends to slip forward in heels, choose a heel that has non-slip insole, arch support, or cushioning technology near the ball of the foot. This will prevent your foot from slipping forward in the shoe and prevent toe contracture. We have made a conscious effort to include arch support and cushioning technology near the ball of the foot. The heels will offer you stability and support.


At Ally, our shoe design addresses these issue without making the shoe unnecessarily clunky. Start finding your perfect fit today and say goodbye to ill fitting shoes. 


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  • Amelia Lynn: February 27, 2024

    Ally Shoes truly understands the importance of comfortable footwear. Dr. Roxann Clarke’s expertise in podiatry has been instrumental in creating heels that prioritize both style and comfort. It’s not just about avoiding the immediate pain of ill-fitting shoes; it’s about preventing deeper foot issues.
    For more insights, check out our blog article here!

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