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There is one place you can wear heels- Dancing in the Living Room!

Posted on April 30 2020

Dance with Helen Wang | Ally Shoes
During quarantine we found ourselves at Ally listening to music and dancing and thought why not dance in our heels. We are launching a dance series where we meet with professional dancers to find out more about the dance that they have mastered. Join along on our first interview.
An Ivy League graduated celebrity stylist (She was Ivanka Trump and Wendy Murdoch's stylist assistant) turned Argentine Tango dancer, Helen Wang is sharing her insights on pursuing her passion and became a professional Argentine Tango dancer and instructor. You can find her on Facebook Helen Wang Tango or YouTube G&H Tango.
Ally: Tell us how you got started with Argentine Tango dancing?
Helen: Tango found me! 10 years ago, my friend and I took a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. My friend went there looking for the love of her life, but for me, I encountered tango. It was the Argentine Tango music that captured my heart. Growing up trained in playing classical instruments, I was touched by the tango music and the music visualization by this form of dance. Since discovering argentine tango in Buenos Aires, I did intensive training with renowned masters from Argentina.   I have been passionate and dedicated myself completely to tango. I became a professional tango dancer after wining the USA Tango Championship NYC “Stage” Tango in 2012. 
Ally: Do you ever perform in front of a large audience? 
Helen: Yes! We have been invited to perform at different venues from small intimate gatherings to theaters and festivals. When we perform at milongas (tango socials), we often have 50- 500 people. My dance partner and I were invited to perform at the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in 2016. It was fantastic with almost 3000 people in the audience, among which were senator Chuck Schumer and famous Chinese celebrity, Jin Xing. When we were invited to perform at tango festivals or touring with musicians at large venues, we would have an audience of 1000-2000 to come see us. No matter the size of the audience, I always pour my heart and soul and do my best.
Ally: Is it important to find the right partner for tango dancing?
Helen: Yes, I believe it is quite important. Whether it is for social dancing or professional dancing, it takes two to tango. Connection is key in this social dance. You want to find a partner that you can connect with, and can share similar values and goals, is trustworthy and compatible. It sounds like finding the right business or life partner right? Haha, it does! It is a partner dance! 
Ally: If you could give a piece of advice to anyone who wants to learn Argentine Tango for the first time what would it be?
Helen: I have so many advice to share! This question reminds me of teaching couples or someone to dance tango for the first time! I always say - This is an intimate dance, connection and trust are very important. If you want to truly experience and embrace Argentine Tango, you need to be open and trust.
Ally: How do heels play a role in tango dancing? 
Helen: The women in tango dancing usually wear heels.  All my Argentine Tango heels are custom-made. Comfort is key and the right heels give you confidence. So the heels play a very important role in tango dancing. Also, whenever people think of, Argentine Tango, the sexiness, sensuality, and intensity all come to their minds, and women in high heels is an inevitable image. 

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  • Luis Campos: April 30, 2020

    I am impressed and motivated after reading this article. There is nothing easy in life said a dance instructor once. Every little detail counts. Helen is beautiful inside and out! Congratulations great interview inspiring in these days.

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