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Tips for Staying Chic

Posted on July 13 2023

Tips for Staying Chic
We tapped into the fabulous Mother-Daughter styling duo from NYC and the creators of The Style that Binds Us for tips on staying chic. Easy, simple tips that anyone can start integrating. Meet the team behind The Style that Binds Us, Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk. The Style That Binds Us is the original next-generation women’s media company and community, exploring the cross section of style and culture. Connected through their shared love of fashion and culture, the pair is changing the way style content and storytelling is presented by delivering style with substance through in-depth interviews that dig beneath the surface. The brand encompasses The Style That Binds Us YouTube channel, podcast, blog & VIP shopping experiences, with a mission to support women by taking the stress out of getting dressed or going shopping by offering style tips and introductions to new under-the-radar-brands.
5 tips for Staying Chic
  1. Spend 5 extra minutes getting ready, you will never regret it.


2. Plan what you are wearing for the next day (or evening) the night before.  


3. Know your body type and dress for what looks best on you, rather than what you like on other people or on social media.


4. Pay attention to your shoes and bags as well as your clothes. People will notice if they are dirty and worn out. Also, make sure you are comfortable in your shoes. Uncomfortable shoes can be very distracting for the person who is wearing them. Ally shoes are a go-to for us, because they are super comfortable and also chic, so you don’t have to give up style for comfort! You will be able to concentrate on what you are doing rather than how badly your feet hurt!


5. Be thoughtful about what you put in your closet. Each piece should have a reason for being there; most pieces should be able to be worn in multiple ways- Mantra: less quantity, more quality.


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