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Tips on How to Travel In-Style Featuring Kelsey Creveling

Posted on July 31 2023

Tips on How to Travel In-Style Featuring Kelsey Creveling


With travel season in full effect we tapped into Consultant Kelsey Creveling to share a few tips on how to travel in-style and tips to help make travel that much easier and smoother. Hopefully a few of these will help you during your next trip.

Travel Tips

  1. Use shoe trees in your shoes – maintains the shoe shape so they stay beautiful.  

Courageous Caramel Leather Block Heel from Ally Shoes, featuring shoe trees


2. Put shoes in their shoe bags – keeps the shoes from getting scuffed and keeps clothing clean when packed with the shoes.

Every pair of Ally Shoes comes with individual dust bags to keep your shoes protected.

3. Pack your shoes first before anything else – they generally fit best at the bottom of the suitcase and can be separated to each side so they fit best with the other items in the suitcase.

4. Some hotels offer overnight shoe polishing services – utilize when your shoes need a refresh from busy travel.

5. Select one pair of shoes for your whole trip, if possible and plan all outfits around them – saves space!

6. Check out The Dress Code by The Consultant’s Closet for outfit planning and packing checklist worksheets

7. Head over to The Consultant’s Counsel Podcast for additional recommendations for packing and pleasantly uneventful travel

8. Another important tip is the travel bag and suitcase that you use. Here is a helpful link on what to select when it comes to selecting a travel bag and suitecase.


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