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Top 3 Tips to Set Goals that last in 2022 Featuring Life Coach, Beth Goodman

Posted on January 02 2022

Top 3 Tips to Set Goals that last in 2022 Featuring Life Coach, Beth Goodman


It's the start of the year and we tapped into Life Coach, Beth Goodman for three tips to crush your goals. Beth focuses on helping people feel better by teaching them how to empower themselves to live their best, authentic life.

Why Set a Goal?

Tip 1: Whenever I want to set a goal, I always check in with the reason I want it and make sure it’s a strong “why.” You have to love your “why” to follow through and take action and remembering why you want it will be powerful! 


Tip 2: The only reason you haven’t accomplished a goal is because you don’t yet believe the thought that will get you there. Instead of “there’s no way I can accomplish this goal” (this will lead to doubt and no action) try thinking “I’m open to believing I can accomplish this goal” or “I’m ready to do the work to achieve my goal.” Those thoughts will generate a feeling of hope, motivation or excitement, which then leads to taking actions towards your goal. Our thoughts are so powerful and are the determining factor in how we feel and show up for ourselves, so being intentional about what we choose to think is critical!

Commit and Manifest

Tip 3: Write what you want every single day as if you already have it. This is a powerful way to manifest something and you will become the person who reaches that goal. “I am the healthiest version of myself” “I make a million dollars in my business this year.” “I complete a marathon and feel incredible when I cross the finish line.” “I always keep my commitments to myself.” If you practice this every day, nothing can stop you! 

Remember to show yourself love as you work towards what you want! When obstacles come up, that’s part of the human experience and you have what it takes to overcome them. Discomfort is always a sign that you’re making changes, so try to learn to embrace and allow all the emotions that you feel. 


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