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How We Created the Forever Flat

Posted on August 31 2020

How We Created the Forever Flat | Ally Shoes

Last week, we debuted our first flats collection - "The Forever Flats", featuring the same level of style, comfort, and inclusive sizes as our heels. Here is the quick back story of how we created this collection.

Who Are We?

Three years ago, a group of women from three different continents and professional backgrounds got together with one shared goal - to create the world's first pain-free heels for professional women.

ALLY Shoes Team

[From left to right: Sara (Head Designer), Sam (CEO), Dr. Clarke (Chief Science Officer)] 

Our first collection of "Little Black Heels" features the most comfortable pointed toe, 3-inch stiletto, with a stretchy & flexible leather upper, an ergonomic insole with three-point-support, and inclusive sizes & width options - bringing customers as close to custom-fitted as possible while maintaining affordability. Our pumps have since received overwhelmingly positive reviews from press & customers, with Fast Company naming ALLY "the most comfortable heels to wear to work."

Since then, we have expanded our collection with Five Shades of Nude, a Bridal Collectionvarious pops of colors, and dressy straps. We also expanded our sizing options to now include US sizes 4-12, in half sizes, and four different widths (narrow, medium, wide, extra wide). Our extra wide option has been particularly popular, as it helped many women finally find shoes that fit and look fabulous at the same time.

ALLY Shoes | Black Pumps and Nude Pumps

Why Flats?

At ALLY, we are problem solvers first, designers second. Our inspiration for our classic pumps collection came from our shared experience of wearing uncomfortable heels to work, events, wedding, etc. We also relied heavily on our community of customers and allies who demand a better solution for pain-free heels to make them feel confident and comfortable at the same time. 

Then COVID happened. 

The world of fashion and footwear has changed drastically in the world of remote working and social distancing. Despite all the changes, we believe women still deserve to look and feel at their best. Flats have been on our design road map for future launches, but with overwhelming demand from our community, we knew that now is the right time.  


The Problem With Flats 

Flats have always been considered more comfortable than high heels. However, it's often difficult to find a pair of well-made, polished flats that are truly comfortable. Often times, the flats provide almost no heel lift, and no support, which is especially harmful for those with plantar fasciitis or flat feet.  According to Dr Clarke, ALLY's Chief Science Officer, “Finding a shoe that is not too high or too flat is the best thing you can do for your feet.”


Introducing the Forever Flats

When designing the Forever Flats, we made sure to address problems both in style and comfort. 

We went with a classic pointed-toe look that's consistent with our pumps, with added details: a layered look creating a chic v-shape vamp. This design allows us to add more texture to the shoe, whether it's layering the same color & material, or a more playful suede / leather combo look. The elegant look also provides a dual-function by hugging and securing your feet. We also choose a 0.6 inch heel to give you just the right amount of elevation in style.

ALLY Shoes | Forever Flats

In addition to going with a slight lift in the heel, Dr Clarke also added an ergonomically-designed insole with built-in metatarsal and arch support, providing the right level of support to carry you from day to night. By using soft suede lining for the entire inside, we minimize the risk of blisters when breaking into the shoe.

Lastly, our inclusive sizing options will help you find the perfect fit. Take our fit finder to get your size recommendation today.

ALLY Shoes | Sizing Chart


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