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Best Shoes For Bunions

Posted on April 27 2021

Best Shoes For Bunions


Is your biggest concern figuring out a way to be in style for work without the bunion pain? 

You get home from work or a night out, you take off your favorite pair of heels and instantly get a moment of relief after taking them off. While your heels may not have necessarily caused your bunion, they are most definitely not doing your feet any favors. Bunions can create a problem for anyone wearing heels as they tend to create a wider width, cause an increase in width at the front of the foot. It’s really important to find a shoe that fits correctly as ill-fitting shoes can just create more issues if you already have a bunion or they can even cause a bunion to form. It’s really important to find a shoe that fits correctly. Ill-fitting shoes can create discomfort that can cause a bunion to form or aggravate an already existing bunion deformity.

At ALLY Shoes we understand the concern and we’ve worked hard to find a solution. We've designed our wide widths which are great for anyone with bunions. We recommend taking our Fit Finder quiz, it will help us understand what size best fits you. We offer four different width options (A - narrow, B - medium, C - wide, D - extra wide) which will help with any special conditions that you may have. We have collected a list of the best shoes for bunions. If you can’t quite decide on what shoes are best to wear if you have bunions, we’ve narrowed it down for you.

ALLY Classic Pump: A pump that has been designed with a Podiatrist and is available in 4 widths. The wide and extra wide width is extremely helpful for anyone that has a bunion.





Variety of Colors


Provides Arch Support



Cole Haan Lesli Block Heel Pump: A slightly rounded toe box allows flexibility and some more space for anyone who has a bunion.






Outsole with Grand OS Technology

Needs Break In Period


ALLY Forever Flat: When you want to change out of your heels but are still looking for a professional shoe that doesn’t hurt your feet, test out the ALLY Forever Flat. Available in 4 widths, including wide and extra wide which is uncommon for a flat and can be very helpful for any battling a bunion.




Slip-on construction for easy on and off

Narrow toe can be not comfortable for people with wide feet




Pandora Black Suede Pump:  This is a heel that is made with a cushioning stretch panel called a bunion bed. For anyone with bunions this is another great option.





Attractive design

Uncomfortable pointed toe

Durable construction


In most cases it’s really hard to fix a bunion but if you do have bunion issues, find the proper shoe size for your feet [Once a bunion develops, the goal is to find shoes that give the most comfort and don’t aggravate or make it worse.]. Unfortunately the only real way to fix a bunion is surgery.  Stretching and splinting of the big toe joint and an adequate arch support, helps alleviate bunion pain.   If surgery is not an option for you, our biggest piece of advice is that if you do have a bunion, wear wider shoes- you will save feet in the end. 


Why do we recommend these shoes for bunions?

You want to shop for chic, classy footwear that doesn't cause inflammation and irritation surrounding the bunion. It is ideal that you wear heels that are made of material that gives and stretches to form to your foot, as opposed to hugging the bunion tightly. Check out the list of the best shoes for bunions for women that are wide and flexible, yet still fashionable. 


Why we are the bunion shoe experts: 

Ally is designed by Dr. Roxann Clarke, a Podiatric Surgeon who has created a  patent-pending design. The team makes heels that are scientifically engineered to alleviate pain. There are many women that wear shoes that don’t fit correctly. Ally shoes is disrupting the industry by creating custom sizing; we offer half to quarter sizes and four different widths. You can also request to custom make two different sizes per foot if that's what you need.


Next Steps: 

Let us help you find your fit in ALLY Shoes, by answering a few quick questions. Take our online Fit Finder Quiz to customize your Ally size and width, or request a Fit Kit by mail. You can also refer to our Size Chart.


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