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Did You Know? Five Things about ALLY Shoes

Posted on April 28 2020

Five Things about Ally Shoes

Now more than ever it's important to highlight who Ally shoes is. For those of you that are new, welcome and follow along to find out more about what we're building and for those of you who are veterans, follow along to find out about the exciting new things that we've been up to.


1. Ally shoes was born out of an accident- literally.

Founder, Samantha Dong, featured above in the middle was hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro when she injured her foot. After the foot injury she struggled with wearing heels and became frustrated at the options on the market. That frustration led Samantha on a mission to create a comfortable heel that not only looks nice but actually fits. With the help of Designer Sara Jaramillo above on the left and Dr. Roxann Clarke above on the right who is a podiatric expert. Ally shoes is now becoming our client's best ally.

2. Patented Ergonomic Design

Ally is co-designed by Dr. Roxann Clarke a Podiatric Surgeon who has created a  patented design. We are proud to make heels that are scientifically engineered to alleviate pain. 


3. Granular Size and Width Options

It's important that the shoe size fits, as many women wear shoes that don't fit correctly. Ally shoes is disrupting the industry by creating custom sizing; we offer half to quarter sizes and four different widths. You can also request to custom make two different sizes per foot if that's what you need. Fit is everything to Ally and anyone can take our Fit Finder.

4. Try At-Home Before You Buy

Ally is now proud to offer an At-Home Trial. We are making it easy for you to give our heels a test drive at home. Simply tell us your favorite colors and size preference and our fit stylist will curate a box of 1-2 pairs of shoes to be delivered to your doorstep. Just pay for shipping. No strings attached - it's our opportunity to show you the comfort that our heels provide. Keep the ones you love. Not a perfect fit? Returns and Exchanges are free. 

5. Installment Payment Available

We partner with afterpay and Shopify to make it easy to shop with 4 interest-free installments. Shop it today, wear now, and pay it later. 

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  • Valerie D. Sermons: August 04, 2020

    I would like to see heels small, you have very awesome shoes and styles, but I can’t wear high heels I like small heels. I am a short person and need more balance.

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