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Female Founder Feature: Blair Moore

Posted on November 06 2023

Female Founder Feature: Blair Moore



Ally Shoes: Tell us about yourself.

Blair: Hi! My name is Blair Moore. I live in Nashville TN with my husband and 3 boys (10, 7 and 5) and enjoy traveling with my family, especially to our families lake house. I founded Be Styled Co in 2020 to empower women to feel better in easy, attainable, stylish outfits for everyday life. No matter which stage of life you’re in, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful and I firmly believe the clothes you wear have a direct impact on your mood and mental health.


Ally Shoes: How did you get into personal styling?

Blair: I have always had a love for fashion and moved to NYC to study at the Fashion Institute when I was 18 years old. After getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I held various roles in Visual Merchandising, Marketing, and Sales while climbing the corporate ladder. During that time, I met my husband and we started our family. Once our family expanded to 2, I decided to stay home for a few years. While being a SAHM, I developed a vision to start my own company to empower women through personal styling solutions and Styled by Blair was born in 2020 (right before Covid- great timing lol!) What started off slowly with a vision has grown to a team of 5 (now Be Styled Co.) and we have worked with hundreds of clients all over the Country through our closet edits, personal styling, and coaching sessions.



Ally Shoes: You have 3 kids! How do you manage a growing business and being a mom?

Blair: The struggle is real and I will always be honest about that (some days I am a hot mess express) but I find that time management is really important and to carve out time for myself and for my family each week is crucial. As a business owner, I have found that one of the most important things is to invest in people. You can only do so much as one person so hire people that believe in your vision and can help in aspects of the business that you don't have time to do, don't enjoy, or don't excel at!


Ally Shoes: What's your favorite part about entrepreneurship? Most challenging part of entrepreneurship?

Blair: For me, my favorite part is two-fold. The relationships I have with my clients is my true passion and brings me so much joy. And secondly, the team that I have built. I have loved growing my team and giving other women that share in my passion the opportunity to do what they truly love for a living. The most challenging part has been the typical growing pains, systems and automations, and finding balance through the chaos of a quickly growing company.


Ally Shoes: What are some of your favorite wardrobe must-haves?

Blair: A classic button down, a great trench, the perfect fitting jeans, cashmere sweaters, a black slip dress and of course comfortable but fashionable shoes (Ally is my fav!)

Ally Shoes: Who is your ally?

Blair: My Sister, Stacey Collins. She is an entrepreneur who founded Wilshire Collections. She really inspired me to go after my dreams and start my business and she continues to inspire and encourage me every day.


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