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Holiday hosting tips with Molly Tomlin

Posted on November 09 2022

Holiday hosting tips with Molly Tomlin

We are so excited to have Molly Tomlin on the blog giving us her holiday hosting tips. We'd love to introduce you to Molly, Molly creates etiquette and luxury lifestyle content under the name Duchess of SoCo that shows that everyone can be an “ Everyday Duchess” with just a few simple and modern tweaks. Molly is a born and raised Austinite with a nine year detour in New York City.  


Here is Molly's Etiquette Journey

"Etiquette, Entertaining and all things royal protocol has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. You might say I never grew out of wanting to be a Princess!"

For me etiquette and good manners are all about the subtle grace and details that put others at ease. Though I was taught etiquette and manners as a child I did not start my formal etiquette training as an adult and am proud to say that I will be fully certified in December."

The Duchess of SoCo’s Top 5 tips for Holiday Hosting:

1. Send out an invitation! Physical or digital are okay for most situations but I do prefer a beautifully designed paper invitation for formal sit down dinners. Most importantly be sure to put every detail the guest needs including start and end times, address, parking instructions and dress codes. This saves your guests from being confused about any detail.

2. Prep your menu well in advance and get outside help if you are not used to cooking for large groups. Last thing you want is to be stuck inside the kitchen when you should be hosting!! Graze boards and catered or frozen appetizers are lovely and can be much more affordable than a fully catered dinner by a private chef.

3. Keep the decor simple. The most elegant decor is often a few flower arrangements and scattered candles. Make sure Flower arrangements on dining tables are not too large and block your guests' view.

4. Have Champagne and a few nibbles ready to greet guests when they arrive. This gets the evening off to a festive start! I also like to have a coffee station or hot chocolate at the end of the evening to give guests a warm send off. Little touches like this make a huge impact.

5. Wear that dress you think is too fancy but make sure your shoes are both stylish and comfortable. You will be on your feet well before the event starts and all night long mingling with your guests. Stay elegant in a block heel or lower stiletto or even a fancy flat!. No one needs to see a barefoot duchess during a dinner party!

Find Molly's content on TikTok under the name DuchessofSoCo and she's launching her website soon. In the meantime you can also find her on Instagram. The Duchess of SoCo is elegant, polite and can navigate any situation with confidence and grace, follow along for more!


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