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How To Find Your Style [Quick Guide]

Posted on August 11 2020

How to Find Your Style with Elizabeth Lewis | Ally Shoes

At ALLY Shoes we want women to embrace their own unique style. We also believe it's important to give women some helpful advice on how to find your style. As style changes over the years and we all decide to clean out our closets and look for a fresh start sometimes. It's great to go back to the basics and re-define how to find your style, or what your style is.

Our Founder, Samantha Dong, believes that we should all embrace the style we feel comfortable in. Her own personal journey found her struggling to wear heels and heels are an important staple in her wardrobe. Alas, came ALLY where she was able to create a pair of heels that she can incorporate back into her wardrobe. Sam believes that heels can bring on power and confidence in a woman and we should all have the option to incorporate heels into our style.

We chat with two stylists in our network to give us concrete takeaways on how to find your style, whether you simply want to change out a few things or are looking for a fresh new start. Follow along because you don't want to miss out on these tips. 

Elizabeth Danielle Lewis, Founder and CEO of Brand, Style & Bloom gives us 5 steps to finding your style.

Step 1: Reflect on the YOU you want to be

Step 2: Think of 3 words you need to reach this vision (or even just 1 will do)

Step 3: Edit Your Wardrobe

Step 4 (optional): Shop with your 3 words (and measurements) in mind

Step 5: Wear what makes you feel good

She also shares with us her 5 tips for style wellness.  Click here to read the full story. 

Rachel Klewicki, Founder of Subliminal Style, personal stylist and image consultant shares with us 3 steps to great personal style. That she says, "you've probably been avoiding." 

1. Notice your Discomfort

2. Embrace your body (but really, though)

3. Sum yourself up in three words

Don't miss these quick and easy steps click here to find out more.

We hope that this column brought some value to how you see your style and view your closet. 


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