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Sara Jaramillo, Feature for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted on October 04 2020

Sara Jaramillo National Hispanic Heritage Month | Ally Shoes

The month spanning Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 marks National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and honor Hispanic and Latinx Americans. The culture and the accomplishments they have made in society.

“National Hispanic Heritage Month. traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries,” reads an official statement from the holiday’s website. “During this month and throughout the year, we, and our partners, share history, heritage, and accomplishments of Hispanic and Latino Americans of past and present.” We are so excited to welcome our designer, Sara Jaramillo to share more with us about her background and career as a proud Latina.


ALLY: Tell us about yourself 

Sara: Colombian. Fashion and footwear designer, museum lover and tennis player.

I studied fashion design in Colombia and footwear design in Italy. After Milan I moved to NY and did an internship in Proenza Schouler. Working there the opportunity of attending Pensole came, so I participated in the first Pensole Sneakers Championship. Lucette, my boss at Proenza at that time, got the proposal of joining and actually building the accessories and footwear department at Yeezy. She took me with her to the project. I was part of the team from season 1 to season 6. I have been working freelance since and with brands and projects like Converse, Aquazzura, Esteban Cortazar and currently in ILYSM.




ALLY: How did you get into the footwear industry and what do you love the most about it?

Sara: Coming up as a competitive tennis player I was constantly wearing sneakers and I had firsthand experience knowing what worked and what looked good. But after graduating from a Colombian University with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion apparel and design in 2011, it became clear that designing footwear required more specialized training.

Shoes are your direct connection with the ground, with the world. That’s something so important for everyone that it’s worthwhile to design a better experience of it every day. That’s why I love it.


ALLY: As a Latina, what makes you most proud of your culture?

Sara: How expressive and how good at dancing we are. Dancing is like walking for us, that’s why you always have to have good shoes. So you can dance everywhere.


ALLY: Who is your ally?

Sara: Self-esteem is my ally. Feeling good with yourself even though it is a cliché makes you chase your dreams everyday.



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