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Skinny Jeans Vs. Wide Leg Pants

Posted on May 21 2024

Skinny Jeans Vs. Wide Leg Pants

Are you team skinny jeans or team wide pants? We’ve been having an ongoing conversation around this topic at Ally Shoes and decided it was time to tap into a few stylists in our network to see what their thoughts are around the subject.

"The great thing about jeans right now is that anything goes when it comes to the leg shape: wide, skinny, boot, barrel, straight, flare. Pick the fit that works for you or whichever style you're feeling that day. The key is the overall fit. If you're going to do a skinny jean you want to make sure that the other attributes are on trend and classic so that it doesn't feel dated. A higher rise, darker wash and no distressing are always a safe bet for a skinny fit."- Lora LaPratt, Founder of Shopping Girl XOXO


Skinny jeans, high rise dark wash


Of course we always agree that fit is everything. We also believe that it’s important for you to wear what you feel comfortable and confident in. Clothes and shoes should elevate your mood and confidence. Maybe skinny jeans aren’t out but as Lora mentioned, maybe distressed isn’t necessarily the right look for a skinny jean.

A Brooklyn based stylist has another take on when skinny jeans should make an appearance, meet Beverly Osemwenkhae, image/wardrobe expert and personal shopper. “It's okay to tuck away the skinny jeans for the next few years and only whip it out during the Fall months! Fashion has taken a new turn, with comfort being the forefront and trousers/jeans styles are more relaxed. Skinny jeans will still work with a tall boot in the Fall, so keep your favorite pairs nearby.”

Ohh we love a tall boot, so we are definitely here for the skinny jean/ tall boot look. Tall boots are meant to be put on full display and a wide leg jean or pants are definitely not going to cut it with a tall boot.


Knee high boot over skinny jeans


A stylist that we have worked with for a very long time and who has also been the face of a few of our collections, Aliya Thomas, Founder & CEO Elevated Style by Aliya brings to the table some great points. “Skinny jeans have been the only silhouette marketed to us for the past couple of decades and they are not the most flattering for every body type, especially those who might have a little more curves.” We couldn’t agree more with this. We are not against skinny jeans but they really have been the one fashion trend and statement forever and ever - it was time to freshen things up.

Aliya offers some styling advice, “When it comes to pairing shoes with jeans/tailored pants the classic look of a pointed heel looks great with a wide leg pair of pants, whether full length or ankle. With a full pant, the whole look is a little more balanced. If someone was wearing skinny jeans the proportions wouldn’t be as flattering. You can also just do a cropped or full straight leg pant.”


wide leg pants


Love the idea of a full straight leg pant, a great alternative for anyone who really doesn’t feel comfortable in wide leg pants. We are tapping into our last stylist, who continues the conversation on body type playing apart.

 Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist states “For skinny jeans, I always think there's a place for them in your wardrobe. When you really think about it, it's simply another stylish silhouette option to have in your arsenal! The only reason I'd recommend NOT wearing them is if your body type is proportionally bigger on your top half vs. your bottom half - that will visually throw off your visual balance!”

Whether you're embracing the sleek silhouette of skinny jeans and want to stick with team skinny jeans or opting for the free-flowing elegance of wide-leg pants, your style speaks volumes. From classic comfort to trendsetting statements, explore both options and find what fits your body type and what you feel comfortable in.


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