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So What's the Deal with Bunions?

Posted on July 17 2020

How to deal with Bunions with Dr Roxann Clarke | Ally Shoes

Let's talk bunions with our Chief Science Office and podiatry expert, Dr. Roxann Clarke. A Bunion is a foot deformity that involves the big toe joint. This deformity can be very painful and debilitating, especially in wearing stylish high-heeled shoes. The medical term for this condition is Hallux Abducto-valgus (HAV).  


What are some of the main causes? 

  • Genetics- you inherited this trait from your parents or grandparents
  • Arthritis- conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis causes weakening of ligaments that hold the toe straight.
  • Wearing shoes with narrow or small toe-box, especially at a young age into adult-hood 

     Bunion Pictures: Causes & treatments

    How can we alleviate these symptoms?

    • Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs, ex: Aleve, Advil, Motrin)
    • Physical Therapy- Stretching exercises to increase the Range of motion in you big toe joint - Get that foot into shape. We'll be posting more on this. 
    • Wearing shoes that are wider in the front. Stop with the narrow shoes!


      How can we get rid of Bunions?

      In most cases, bunions are structural deformities, meaning that it is a deformity in the bone. Surgery is the only way to fix the deformity. Extensive stretching and splinting of the big toe in the correct position may change the position of the big toe, but is not a guaranteed fix for the shape of the foot.  Stretching and splinting is more effective in children because their bones are still developing.

      At ALLY, we believe every woman deserves to have a pair of comfortable, fitting heels. Let us know about bunions or other foot conditions in your fit finder quiz. This is important to make sure we get the right size and you have the right fit. Our granular sizes and made-to-order capability offers us the flexibility to accommodate any special conditions.

      When first launching ALLY, we decided to offer three different width options (A - narrow, B - medium, C - wide). After all, one size doesn't fit all. Recently, due to popular demand, we have also just launched our Extra Wide Width (D Width), which will definitely help anyone with bunion issues. Have questions? Feel free to email us at


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