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Starting a New Workout? Keep your Feet in Shape

Posted on January 12 2021

Starting a New Workout? Keep your Feet in Shape


It's the new year and some of you might be starting a new workout routine. It's important to stretch before and after a new routine and gradually step into the new routine. But we can't forget our feet and toes - those needs stretching too.  It is important that the muscles in our legs and feet are strong and the stronger they are the less likely they will get injured. Here are some stretches and exercises that will be important to strengthen and prevent injury. All stretches and exercises have been approved by our Chief Science Officer and a Podiatric Surgeon in NYC, Dr. Roxann Clarke

Towel Toe Grab

This exercise involves placing a towel on the ground, placing your foot on top of towel and using toes to grab and move towel until it is past the length of your foot.  This exercise helps strengthen muscles in the ball and arch of your foot. This can help relieve and prevent pain in the ball of the foot which is commonly associated with high-heeled shoes.  This should be repeated 3 times on each foot daily.



Standing Calf stretch

Your calves are constantly being contracted during the use of high-heeled shoes, it is important that this muscle is stretched regularly to prevent any problems associated with the achilles tendon or the back of the heel.  This stretch involves standing in front of a wall and placing both hands on the wall, placing one leg with knee bent close to wall and opposite leg straight towards the back.  Further your stretch until you feel a gentle pull in you calf muscle.  Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, three times on each leg daily.



Bunion Stretch

This stretch involves a small ball and a rubber band.  Place ball between feet at level of bunion or big toe joints, place rubberband around both great toe joints, allow rubber band to bring great toes closer together, stay in this position for 30 seconds 3 times daily.  If you don't have a bunion but just experience great toe joint pain, this is a great stretch to help alleviate that pain.



Alphabet Stretch with Toes

One way to strengthen your feet and ankles is to write out the alphabet literally with your big toe. Draw each letter of the alphabet with your big foot and do one foot at a time. Doing this exercise can prevent sprains, prevent falls and prevent overuse injuries. This is an easy exercise that can be done sitting at a desk.


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