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Sydney Park - Miss America NY 2021

Posted on April 08 2022

Sydney Park - Miss America NY 2021

Female appreciation post for Sydney Park. Sydney found ALLY Shoes a few years ago and we've been inspired by her story and since she became Miss America NY last year, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight her and how she got to where she is today. Follow along for her inspirational journey. 

ALLY Shoes: Tell us about how you got into Miss America? 

Sydney: It was entirely by accident! I was scrolling on Instagram when I saw a post about a local New York competition. I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. I ended up having such a fun time, earning money for law school and making a ton of friends. Being a part of Miss America has been such an incredible experience that I would not trade for the world. The Miss America Organization gave me the opportunity to really develop skills I can use in my professional and personal life.

ALLY Shoes: What are some of your favorite experiences earning the crown of Miss America NY 2021?

Sydney: A lot of the best memories have been the most unexpected ones. I met Martha Stewart at a fashion show, and Don Lemon has tried on my crown. I helped ring in the New Year by welcoming guests at the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, mined for Herkimer Diamonds in Central New York, and received an official citation from the New York State Assembly. My favorite experiences have always been the ones where I get to meet people, and I especially love making little girls smile when they have the opportunity to try on my crown and feel like a real-life princess. It is even more special when their eyes light up after I tell them I am also a law student, an Ivy League graduate, and a soccer coach!

ALLY Shoes: One of your key missions is to empower youth through sports. Can you tell us more about that and how you are using the Miss America platform to further this cause?

Sydney: Part of being a titleholder in the Miss America Organization is taking on a service project to positively impact the community. I have always been passionate about the importance of sports for kids, and as a coach, I see firsthand how my team players improve as players and people over the course of a season. This year, I have been an outspoken advocate for the importance of inclusion in youth sports and have spoken nationally on legislation targeting trans youth. I have written for Newsweek, appeared on GMA3, and spoken on Fox News Radio. I have gotten to work with amazing groups like the Women’s Sports Foundation and Athlete Ally. Sports have played an important role in my life, so getting to promote the importance of accessibility in sports for young people as Miss New York has been a real privilege!

ALLY Shoes: As a full-time law student and future power attorney, how do you balance a heavy workload and the duties of Miss America NY?

Sydney: I balance it by keeping a planner! I also make sure to prioritize my tasks based on what I feel is most important – this helps me maintain a bit of sanity as tasks begin to pile up!

ALLY Shoes: If you could give your younger self a word of advice what would that be?

Sydney: I think it would be to be kinder to yourself. Growing up, I put a lot of pressure on myself and did not give myself a lot of grace. It is so important to be patient and kind to yourself. It’s okay to take a breath and pat yourself on the back every once in a while!

ALLY Shoes: Who is your biggest ally?

Sydney: I would say my biggest ally is my Miss America Organization network! The women of MAO are just phenomenal, and it’s awesome to feel like I have a sisterhood around me who supports me! 


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