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Work From Home - Tips and Tricks, Featuring Joanna Lovering

Posted on April 06 2020

Work From Home Tips from Joanna Lovering | Ally Shoes

Since the coronavirus pandemic has hit, more people are having to work from home. It can be pretty easy to slip into a 'let's hang out on the sofa all day kind of day,' but nope not you - you've got a to-do list to get on. 

It's important to still show-up for yourself, your boss and your colleagues and that's where Zoom and other video conferencing platforms have popped up. It's an easy way to all check-in with each other and hold each other accountable. But the real question lies in how to present yourself and still show up confident despite all of the gloomy news and questionable atmosphere. We turned to Joanna Lovering, at Copper + Rise to dish out some advice. 

Joanna Lovering


As a stylist, why do you feel it's important to get up, get dressed even if it's just to get on Zoom?

Whenever I talk about "getting dressed" to my clients, whether it's for Zoom or not, I always say that we have to be aware of 2 things: 1. What emotions do we feel when we wear the clothes? and 2. How do the clothes influence others around us?  So, for instance: how does wearing pajamas to a work video call make you feel? How about the other people on the call? On the other hand, how about wearing a business suit to a virtual happy hour with your besties--how would you feel...and how would your besties perceive you? So, this is all about awareness of yourself and the context of the situation you're in.

What's the right type of background and lighting for a video conference call, Natural lighting?

When it comes to backgrounds, in general, less is more. Do yourself a favor and find a spot in your home with a flat, neutral background. Perhaps some art on the wall, perhaps a plant, but nothing to distract the viewer away from the main event: YOU! For lighting, whether it's natural lighting or not, make sure it's either to the side of you or directly in front. You don't want to be backlit, for your viewers will see you in silhouette, very Witness Protection Program style.
Is jewerly appropriate, earrings, necklaces? Or is the key to keep it simple when dressing?
Accessories make an outfit come together! I say yes to accessories, including earrings, necklaces, and scarves. Forget bracelets and rings, as they might bang around when typing. Just be aware of reflections with your light source--make sure you aren't blinding your viewers!
Any go-to outfit recommendations?
Personally, I'm loving wearing my comfy lounge pants everyday--why not? I make sure to wear a clean, one-color top without a large print; I have a cute and super comfy 3/4 sleeve v-neck cotton sweater in an oatmeal color. And then I'm pairing it with a noticeable and fun necklace that I always get compliments on! Party on top, comfy all around. 
Joanna is styling Lourdes and both are wearing ALLY heels.
We love all of these tips and tricks from Joanna and couldn't agree more. The overall takeaway after speaking with her is that it's important to dress for the mood of the meeting or for the way the clothes make you feel. Many of us might be a feeling a bit bleh these days so dress to bring in confidence and bring up the vibe. Of course we always say throw on your heels for an important meeting or to create a date night atmosphere with your partner, or virtual date.


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