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Breaking Down the Different Types of Leather

Posted on July 20 2021

Breaking Down the Different Types of Leather


Now that you’ve found the perfect pair of heels with ALLY Shoes, what fabric of heel will take your outfit to the next level? At ALLY Shoes, we sell suede, leather, patent leather and calf hair. Four different types of leather that are available on all of our heel styles. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between leather or suede or even a patent leather. While all of the different fabrics have positive attributes there can be negative ones sometimes as well. We've broken down all of the pro's and con's for you.


Leather Heels

Leather heels are great for an office setting and they offer versatility from work wear to dinner. Leather can be scratched easily, so be sure to watch your step when walking in your leather heels.

Shoe care tips: We recommend Solemates leather salve and Solemates shoe buff to keep your leather shoes fresh from scratches. 

Best occasion to wear: conferences, meetings, the office setting.


Black Leather Classic Pump

Outfit Inspiration for a leather heel


Suede Heels

Suede heels offer a great choice for more formal occasions including weddings and a girls night out! Suede heels are typically very rich in color, and they offer a softer feel versus their leather counterpart.  However, they can be very hard to take care of. If suede heels are your go-to choice, be sure to spray waterproof protectant on them before you wear incase of contact with water!

Shoe care tips: We recommend Solemates, Protect spray to keep the suede safe from various weather conditions. The protect spray should be sprayed on all types of heels and it's so good you can add a pair of heels to your cart and add the protect spray to your cart when you shop at ALLY.

Best occasion: Of course they can be worn to the office, but we recommend a more formal occasion, girls night out or a date night.

Gutsy Garnet Suede Pump

Outfit inspiration for a suede heel

Patent Leather 

Patent leather is an elegant and sophisticated leather. It's has a slight shine to it and is a great heel to pair with a power suit look for the office or it can be dressed down with a pair of denim for a night out. Patent leather can tend to be a bit stiff sometimes and the foot may feel a bit tighter on the patent, but it will loosen up over time. One thing it's good at is repelling water, so if you live somewhere where it rains a lot- you may want to go patent leather.

Shoe care tips: One thing you must protect with the patent leather are any shines or cracks and we've got a product that is specific for patent leather material, Saphir Vernis Rife Patent Leather Cleaner.

Best occasion: A night out on the town! The patent leather is great to make a shiny statement for a night out, but it can also be worn to the office as well. Or a great pair to wear to the office when you have an after work dinner to attend.


Power Pink Patent Leather Pump

Outfit Inspiration

Calf hair leather

At ALLY Shoes, our leopard style is available on calf hair. It's the perfect material for a leopard print however it is less stretchy than a leather or a suede material. The calf hair style is definitely durable and you won't need to worry about scratches. It is a particular style and may not be an everyday classic pump or material, but it's certainly a great accessory to add some flair to a simple look. 

Shoe care tips: A funny but helpful tip, all you need to do with this one is brush it out a bit to remove dirt or impurities, we recommend this universal brush.

Best occasion: Date night out with a pair of denim or spice up a simple black suit set with these pumps.



Fierce Leopard Haircalf Pump

Outfit Inspiration

No matter what type of leather you choose the most important part is to maintain the leather and take care of it. The more we take care of our shoes, the longer they will last. At ALLY Shoes, we believe in a classic pump to take you throughout your day and special events in your life, our materials are ethically sourced in Italy and adhere to the highest of standards. If you want to know more about what shade of nude is for you click here. Or if you are trying to decide which heel is for you we've got you covered on this guide.


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