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5 Fashionable Wide Width Shoes (that are also comfortable!)

Posted on December 01 2020

Fashionably Wide Width Shoes - Ally Shoes



At ALLY, we believe every woman deserves to have a pair of comfortable, fitting dress shoes. When we did our initial customer interviews, one of the biggest complaints about heels and flats is the lack of width options. Many women need a wider fit either due to bunions or just a wider toe structure, but their options are limited. They either have to go with styles that look clunky, or size up in order to get more room in the toe box. This is simply not acceptable. As a result, we decided to find innovative ways to make fashionable wide shoes. 


Ally Technology on Fashionable Wide Width Shoes


When first launching ALLY, we decided to offer three different width options (A - narrow, B - medium, C - wide). Recently, due to popular demand, we have also just launched our Extra Wide Width (D Width), which will help anyone who needs more room in the toe box or with bunion issues. For our wide fit, we made sure to only expand in toe-box width, while keeping the middle and back of the shoe as consistent as possible, since most women don’t need the shoes wide throughout. In addition, we also applied an Innovative usage of stretch leather and borrowed best practices from sneaker-making to create flexibility and responsiveness in our shoes. 

Learn more about our story and our patent-pending design here.


Wide Ankle Strap Heel (Shoe #1)

This is a savior especially for those with a wider foot in the front and a narrower heel in the back. The strap helps secure your feet while allowing you to find a wider fit, not to mention this is an extremely elegant look.



This model of Ankle Straps Available in Wide (C Width)) &  Extra Wide (D Width)

Full Collection of ALLY Shoes Ankle Strap Shoes


Best occasion to wear: dressy / semi-formal

Outfit idea #1

We love these two red-on-red looks from @chicprofessor. We love all the chic & elegant look carries through even as our new mommy goes through her pregnancy!


Comfortable Wide Heel Shoes - Ally Shoes

This model of the Gutsy Garnet Suede Ankle Strap Heel by ALLY Shoes


Outfit idea #2 

We love how the black suede ankle strap heels soften the sharp look of the blazer, while adding more elegance to the jeans. This is a perfect #casualfriday look from @elevatedstylebyaliya.

Fashionable Wide Width Shoes - Ally Shoes

This model of the Black Suede Ankle Strap Pump by ALLY Shoes. 


Outfit idea #3

With a more fun color, the ankle strap can light up any special occasion with a flare, such as this Rose Gold look from @greivy

Fashionable Wide Width Shoes - Ally Shoes

This model of the Rose Gold Ankle Strap Pump by ALLY Shoes.

Wide Block Heels (Shoe #2) 

Block heels give you more stability than a typical stiletto. They are chic, practical, and can be dressed up or down, which makes them the perfect go to dress shoe for wide feet.

This model of ALLY Shoes Noble Navy Suede Block HeelAvailable in Wide (C Width) and Extra Wide (D Width)

Full Collection of ALLY Shoes Bold Block Heels.


Best occasion to wear: smart casual, interview

Outfit idea #1

As shown below by @styledby_paula, you can create a smart casual look with a simple blouse, jeans, and a pair of caramel leather block heels by ALLY.

Fashionable Wide Width Shoes - Ally Shoes

This model of ALLY Shoes Courageous Caramel Leather Leather Block Heel Pump.

Outfit Idea #2: 

A simple navy dress with a pair of elegant Bossy Beige Leather block heel.

This model of Bossy Beige Leather Block Heel Pump by ALLY.

Wide Leather Flats (Shoe #3)

A pair of wide-width, stretchy leather flats can give you the best of both worlds - comfort and style. Don’t forget to look for shoes with proper arch support, which will allow you to walk in them all day without pain. 

This model of ALLY Shoes Black Leather Forever Flat. Available in Wide (C Width) and Extra Wide (D Width)

Full Collection of Ally Shoes Forever Flat.


Best occasion to wear: Outdoor dining, running errands

Outfit idea #1

Olive green and caramel are our favorite colors for this fall. This outfit by @wardrobeoxygen is perfect for outdoor dinner with friends and family. 

This model of Courageous Caramel Leather Flats by ALLY Shoes.

Outfit idea #2

A cozy all-blue look with an elegant caramel leather flat, perfect for a casual stroll outside. 

This model of Courageous Caramel Leather Flats by ALLY Shoes.


Outfit Idea #3

A chic monotone jumpsuit with a pop of color gutsy garnet suede flats. Perfect for a Sunday brunch outdoors.

This model of the Gutsy Garnet Suede Flat by ALLY Shoes.


Wide Ankle Boots (Shoe #4)

It’s not often we can find boots that come in different widths, but when we do, it’s something to be excited about. Hats off to our friends at Stuart Weitzman for offering inclusive widths. We love this ankle boot style that’s versatile from fall through spring.

The GARDINER BOOTIE from Stuart Weitzman. Available in Wide.

Best occasion to wear: Commute

Outfit idea #1

A monochromatic collar shirt turtleneck, high-waisted cropped denim.

This model of the Gardiner Bootie from Stuart Weitzman.

Wide Open Toe Sandal (
Shoe #5)

Another simple hack of comfort is open-toe shoes. We love this one from Ferragamo, with straps to keep the ball of the foot and arch in place, while providing enough stability with a block heel.

Best occasion to wear:
Summer vacation

Vara Sandal by Salvatore Ferragamo. Available in Wide.

Final Thoughts on Wide Width Shoes

Style and comfort shouldn’t be a compromise. That’s why at ALLY we offer extensive width options in all of our shoe styles. Check out 
all our collections here and use our online fit finder to find your best fit. 


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