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The Month of Giving

Give Back to Women in Need

Since 2018, we’ve supported and partnered with incredible nonprofit organizations that help women in need jumpstart their careers.

This holiday season, donate your lightly-worn dress shoes in exchange for $10 ALLY store credit / pair of donation (up to $50 total credit).

Easy Donation Process

1. Decide which organization you want to donate to

2. Pack dress shoes you want to donate

3. Take a picture of the donation shoes + shipping label (or donation receipt if you are dropping them off) and fill out the form below to claim your ALLY store credit

4. Our team will email you your ALLY gift card

Want to Donate Clothes too?

No problem! You can include clothes and bags in the same donation box. Just make sure to check out each organization's website, as they might have specific requirements for what they will / will not accept.

Learn more about the Organizations

Suited for Change

1023 15th Street NW, Suite 601

Washington, DC 20005


"Suited for Change understands who their clients are, and what they are looking for. They create an emotional connection with clients and also give us counseling on how to get a job, tips of do and don’t do in an interview, and what’s next once started working on a daily basis."

-- Heidi

Bottomless Closet

1 West 34th Street, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10001


"I thank you guys at Bottomless Closet for giving me the confidence. From the time I walked in the door here, the energy, the environment, everything was inviting."

-- Mireille

Uncommon Threads

60 Island St, Suite 150

Lawrence, MA 01840


"All of the pieces were beautiful and I wore an entire outfit for my interview today and I felt so comfortable and confident and I nailed it. Thank you so much for your help!"

-- Kayla

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