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AAPI Female Founder Highlight

Posted on May 13 2021

AAPI Female Founder Highlight


In honor of AAPI History Month we are highlighting all of the AAPI female-owned businesses that we have featured. As a female-owned AAPI business ourselves, it's important for us to support other AAPI female-owned businesses. 

Find out more about the businesses below.

Kanika Chadda Gupta, That's Total Mom Sense Podcast

Kanika Chadda-Gupta is a consummate new media professional with 15 years of experience in television (CNN, ZEE TV), print, and the digital landscape. She's a creative thinker and born storyteller, parlaying her work in on-air interviews, web design, branding, marketing, video production, and podcasting. 

Lisa Li, Founder of The Qi

Lisa Li was born and raised in a small coastal city in LiaoNing. I grew up with a single mom and she moved us to the U.S. when I was 14 to have a better life. I didn't speak a word of English and it was rough in the beginning. After college I ended up working in fashion for 10+ years and got really burned out. I started The Qi after a transformational trip to Shangri-la, Yunnan where I came across these incredible roses that the locals drink as a tea. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and I wanted more people to be able to try it and The Qi was born.

Sarah Sukumaran, Founder of Lilith NYC

We are excited to introduce Sarah Sukumaran, Founder of Lilith NYC. Sarah is launching her brand this month and as a footwear brand ourselves we of course wanted to support Sarah and what she is doing in the footwear space. Find out more about the women's sneaker brand she is building.

Xenia Chen, Founder of Threads

We are highlighting the Founder of Threads tights, Xenia Chen. We love Threads and how they pair so nicely with ALLY Shoes. Threads was born out of the idea that there should be better quality tights at fair prices out there. Well she certainly delivered and now you can shop high quality tights at fair prices with Threads.

Jenny Wang, Founder of Petite Studio

Jenny is the Founder of Petite Studio, high-fashion clothing company for petites. We love how she is changing the landscape for petite shoppers everywhere, while pioneering the slow fashion movement. 

Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy

We are so excited to introduce Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy. With the new year in full swing, we wanted to highlight a Female Founder that is on a mission to bringing more awareness to health and wellness. Find out more about Qi Alchemy and how they are helping bring Eastern medicine to the forefront. 

Vienne Cheung Brown, Founder of VienneMilano

We were thrilled to speak with Vienne Cheung Brown, Founder of VienneMilano, a luxury hosiery brand. Vienne shares her story on how she founded her hosiery brand and a bit more about the product. We love that her hosiery brand styles so beautifully with Ally Shoes. Plus Vienne put together a really fun infographic on shoes and stockings. Find out the best way to match your shoes and stockings below. 

Fiona Liu, Founder of atoi studio

We had a conversation with Fiona Liu, Founder of à toi studio. Fiona creates more modern bridal pieces that are outside of the typical normal white gown. We personally love the diversity of her collection and the fact that you can re-wear an outfit, which sounds just like our pumps. An outfit shouldn't have to be reserved for just one day.

Harroop Gulati Kaur and Naaz Gulati, Founder of HOURS New York

HOURS New York is producing consciously crafted clothing for sizes 14-28, exclusively. Follow along to hear more about the brand, the sustainability efforts and inclusivity.



Lucia Liu, Rock The Boat Podcast

Lucia Liu is the Founder of Rock The Boat podcast. Lucia created a podcast about Asian Americans who challenge the status quo. As the host she uncovers the triumph and trials of top Asian leaders. Follow along as we find out how she became inspired to launch Rock The Boat. 

Samantha Dong, Founder of ALLY Shoes

Samantha is the Founder of ALLY Shoes. Samantha is all about lifting other women up and empowering them through fashion, hence her mission to create accessible, luxury footwear that is stylish yet pain-free! 


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